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  1. Hey Blossom Love yr avatar...was u at a wedding or some exotic garden party?

    1. Blossom


      Thanks Pete, I was at my daughters wedding x

  2. Soz no English, but we get the drift. https://archive.org/details/DasErbe1935FullMovieHD1080p
  3. I tend to watch heaven knows how many times the storming of the beaches in France in World at War with Laurence Olivier. As the troops approached under a hail of bullets and you are crouched down listening to bullets ricochet of the landing craft, you are at the front and gate drops and you run for your life to reach a safety pocket. How do you feel as that gate drops? I'm sure I would consider myself dead in a few seconds. But how do you prepare for death? There is no handbook with instructions. I would try to block it from reality and take the gamble and leg it.
  4. Bovington Camp in June. If you want to see our last project, go to 6:52, it took 18 month to build from nothing only plans and spare parts, run on a little beetle engine. Known as a GNAT Coming in behind it is the Matilda Mk1, I spent 6 years on it, I fitted a modern Rover V8 in it with an auto box, since then its been modified further. The Final drive and main drive sprockets were blown to bits, there was a round smashed its way in the final drive locking it up.
  5. Correct JohnB http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/8414149/House-that-looks-like-Hitler-catches-eye-of-Twitter-users.html
  6. The "Light of Dawn" tv program..I need to track it..KODI is crap..anyone care to tell where its possible to watch?
  7. Pete

    Hey Ratty, I bought this food processor thing as seen on TV, it dices and slices toms onions cucumbs  and lots more, Its called a "Genius Nicer Dicer Plus". I used it for about 20 mins and knew it wasn't for me....If you want it its yours luvvy, just send someone around to mine to collect, its as new as the day I bought it in box. Watch the vid.... If you want it I'll send you my address.


    1. RATTY


      Thanks for thinking of me Pete but no thanks, I'm a crap cook and do the quickest things I can get away with, this just looks like more washing up for me ;)


  8. I follow you Hort, It must have been very brain confusing state with very little communicative skills, hence so many accidents..
  9. Chris came here to my place with his friend who I knew well, his name was Rufus, about 6 month later I got a pm off Chris telling me Rufus had died. While at mine we talked about our ailments and Chris said to me "Its strange how you get used to pain". and you do, you tend to bear with it day by day and accept it. A song came on the tv, and Chris was buzzing off it, I tribute him with this song.
  10. Oh dear, I have known Chris way back when he was in junior school, although there was 7 years between us. Later on we knocked about and boozed together.. now there is a bloke I had great respect for. I hate funerals, but I will try and find out where and when to attend. I am unsure of if its going to be a no fuss funeral that's what Chris would have wanted. Poor Chris, I am gutted. I mirror your sentiments Dave. Very sad..so very sad I need a drink.
  11. I'll have the 5 coffee coloured cakes on the left 5th pic down, you lot can have rest. I'm not being greedy like!
  12. Excelent pics, but what a pinheaded monstrosity.
  13. Pete

    gas masks

    Why not sell them in Army and navy stores? If this has been said, sorry..It annoys me to see things dumped from WW2 I have a magnificent replica German SS uniform (Untersturmbanfuhrer) and it needs a good home before I snuff it or some uneducated arse wipe will bin it. And a 100% guaranteed good home has to be proved..
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