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  1. engine27

    Suttons from Above

    lovely clear photos
  2. engine27

    Collier Wheel at Bold

    served my time as electrician at bold,still got my tally 2012,great images
  3. engine27

    Things you don't see anymore

    looking at some old photos at my sisters, she had some of mayqueen processions around fingerpost early 50s .not seem them for a while
  4. engine27

    The golden age of tut tuts

    i thought the best part, was the construction,hunting for bits of wood and pram wheels.drilling the wood with hot poker(the only tool me dad had was pair of nutcrackers that could be used as pliers).
  5. engine27

    Matty Smith

    bad signing in my opinion
  6. engine27

    Bradford Bulls?

    I don't know the full story ,but a successful club with good support to fail,it must be mismanagement,or they never got over Bobby Gouldings kicks
  7. watched the programme last night on BBC4,the topic was the contribution of professional football players and amateur rugby union players to the war effort.no mention was made of rl players .,in fact one of the contributors stated that recruitment posters were targeted at only ru players..dont want to take anything away from the brave men who lost their lives,but thought the losses incurred by rl was worth a mention.
  8. engine27

    Saints v Cas last night

    you said it all ,televised game
  9. engine27

    England v Iceland

    lets not forget Iceland beat the Netherlands twice during the qualifying rounds.
  10. engine27

    England v Iceland

    no wonder the top clubs are full of foreign players,our own are pathetic.no Tommy Smiths,Norman Hunters,Paul Scholes etc.
  11. engine27

    Saints v Hull and Saints v Catalans.

    theres no need to panic,its not as if we got beat 62-0, or god forbid 75-0
  12. engine27

    Street games during the War years.

    used to enjoy " pie crust coming" a game a bit like leapfrog ,but you kept adding people ,and tried to jump to the far end of the bodies, also " hot peas and cold onions" were someone threw the ball behind them and had to guess who caught it.no wonder we turned out world beaters.
  13. engine27

    mick sullivan

    i can remember when wigan played him at half back to counter the threat from Alex,in a top four championship game. needless to say it worked, and him and Alex got sent off.a bigger loss for us.
  14. engine27

    Wigan v Widnes

    early days for Widnes ,cant see them staying the pace
  15. engine27


    what i can remember about chesseys,, was the lighting. we all went out in suits, (from Peter Pell) thinking we looked a million.but the coloured fluorescent lights showed all the the dandruff on your shoulders

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