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  1. Does anyone know whether the burial records for Tontine St Wesleyan are available? I can only find baptismal records online and seems that Lancashire archives have the same. The map someone kindly uploaded in a previous post definitely shows a sizeable graveyard in front of the chapel (although I guess the doesn't actually mean it was in use). I suspect a couple of relatives may have been buried there in 1820s/1830s. They were non-conformists but were not buried at the Independent chapel in Baldwin St so this is another possible option.
  2. Hi there Wondering if your Hancock relatives may have worshipped at the Primitive Methodist Church which stood on the corner of Chancery Lane and Tickle Ave (see previous post here http://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/churchinfo.php?church=63)? Cheers Andy
  3. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone managed to get along to the J & M exhibition at the library. Would love to hear more about what was on display and what the plans are for the collection from hereon in. Regards Andy
  4. Thanks so much for the heads up Louise. Keeping fingers crossed that the photos will be made available online at some point. Still have a J&M photo of unknown relatives here at home and would love to see if the plate survived and whether it has any information accompanying it. Take care Andy
  5. Thanks folks - curious bit of history. Have often wondered what the old church must have looked like, and why there were no burials there (maybe lack of space?). Andy
  6. Hi there Curious to know if anyone has any informatin regarding the first chapel of ease which was consecrated in Parr in 1844. I know that the church was located on what is now the corner of Chancery and Boardman's Lanes. In January 1864, a fire destroyed the chapel, which was rebuilt the following year in its current location on Broad Oak Road. What caught my interest is that, reading articles about the fire in the national press of the time, the church/chapel is referred to as "St Anne's (or St Ann's), Parr, rather than St Peter. Does anyone know whether the church was re-dedicated to St Peter after the fire? Also, does anyone know anything more about the original chapel? Cheers Andy
  7. Apologies if I've asked this one before, but does anyone know what happened to the graves buried at the old Congregational church site in Brook/Baldwin Street? Were they reinterred at the cemetery or left in situ (and therefore currently under Brook St/NatWest)? Would love to know as have a number of relatives who were buried in the old site. Thanks Andy in Sydney
  8. Hi there Scabbydog Is this them on the 1901 Census? I know the surname is different, but names, ages, and birthplaces tally: Source CitationClass: RG13; Piece: 4332; Folio: 159; Page: 10 Brickfield, Sheffield, Yorkshire Herbert Graham Aged 29 Joiner Born: Ceylon (British Subject) Charlotte Graham Aged 29 Born: Laverstoke, Hampshire Reginald Graham Aged 3 Born: Lincoln, Lincolnshire If it is them, wonder why the name change? I see a Herbert Brown married a Charlotte Annie Heald in Lincolnshire in 1897 which I'm guessing is them (given that Reginald was born in Lincoln). Andy Hello again, Let me know if I'm telling you info you already have, but I'm guessing that your Wilfred John Brown was the one cremated at St Helens Crematorium on 22 August 1974? If so, he was born on 19 Feb 1911. Cheers Andy
  9. Hello again I just read on the St Helens Council website that the library has been granted Heritage Lottery Funding to digitise the 3000+ glass slides that were discovered in 1984. Apparently an "artist in residence" is to be contracted in to help with the project and the local community will be asked to get involved once the digitisation process is complete. Does anyone have any more information on this project, particularly timeframes for digitisation the plates and whether they will be available for viewing online for those of us who live outside the UK? Regards Andy in Sydney
  10. Hi all Just wanted to say "thank you" for the information you've been able to unearth on Jordan and Metcalfe. I also have a cabinet card from J&M of unknown close relatives that I've been unable to identify. The dates you've provided for J&M's operation have allowed me to rule out some relatives as I'd presumed the photo to be earlier than 1898. Had also heard about discovery of glass negatives at the old store. Such a huge shame the accompanying documentation was missing. I wonder what became of the negatives? I was once told they were in the St Helens Library Archives but "unable to be catalogued". Would still be interesting to learn if they have survived. Regards Andy in Sydney
  11. Hi there Just wondering if anyone has any memories of a Peter Eccles (1896-1975) and/or his wife Alice (nee Kendrick) who both lived in Parr. I know Peter served on the Western Front in WW1 and was captured as a POW. Peter is related to my late grandmother. Any information anyone can recall would be lovely. Best regards Andy Barton Sydney, Australia
  12. Hi Dave. Appears we are related to the same Mercer family. Jonathan Mercer is also my 5xgreat grandfather. Was aware of his connection to protestant non-conformity and in particular his stint at the Independent Chapel. I believe some of his family (from the Hart Hill estate in Allerton) were also quite active in the independent church movement. Like you I would also be very keen to establish where the graves from the original (?) chapel were moved. I have quite a number of relatives who were buried there. Also, my 3xgreat grandfather John Mercer (who married Sarah Pendlebury) was a Parr Flat Lane man. Please do keep me posted if you find anything of interest. Andy Sydney, Australia
  13. Thanks guys. Interesting points. I actually grew up in Billinge but this one has me stumped. Will do as you recommend and see if Billinge History group can come up trumps.
  14. Hi there Does anyone know where Townshend's Fold was located in Billinge (Chapel End)? It is listed as the birthplace of my great-grandmother Ellen Ann Winstanley in 1875. I can't find it on any maps nor census records for the period. From Lancashire OPC I can see it was still around in 1883 when it was listed as the birthplace of one David Liptrot: Baptism: 27 Sep 1883 St Aidan, Billinge, Lancashire, England David Liptrot - Son of John Liptrot & Ellen Born: 25 Jul 1883 Abode: Townshends Fold, Billinge Occupation: Collier Baptised by: Howard St George Vicar Register: Baptisms 1870 - 1899, Page 146, Entry 1162 Source: Original register at Wigan Archives Any help or suggestions you can offer greatly appreciated Andy
  15. Hi there I see that John EDEN married Annie LYON at St John the Evangelist in Ravenhead on 26 Jun 1920. John's father is given as Isaac EDEN and Annie's as James LYON. John appears on the 1911 census living at 185, Elephant Lane, Thatto Heath with parents Isaac and Ann EDEN. He has eight siblings: Margaret, Isaac, Ernest, Ruth, Joseph, Henry, Albert and Arthur. Isaac was born around 1871 (according to the census), therefore this could be his baptism: Baptism: 8 Mar 1871 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England Isaac Eden - [Child] of John Eden & Ann Abode: Eccleston Occupation: Collier Baptised by: D. Morgan Curate Register: Baptisms 1870 - 1879, Page 14, Entry 108 Source: LDS Film 1657584 I'll try and help with more information if you like. Just send me a PM. Cheers Andy Further to my last, Esther Annie LYON was living at 67 Edge Street in Thatto Heath according to the 1911 census. Her parents were listed as James and Elizabeth Ellen LYON. She lived with siblings James, Edith, Walter and Joseph. Again, drop me a PM for more details Andy
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