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  1. Been ages since I logged on, please share any maternity memories of Cowley Hill Maternity Hospital from the Late 50's early 60's
  2. Hi ladies, anyone out there give birth here in the early 60's..please please share your experiences of the maternity unit..
  3. Hey folks it's ages since anyone posted on this thread, please post comments/stories if you gave birth here in the early 60's or so, I would love to hear what it would have been like for my mum. Anyone give birth here as a single mum or unmarried mum?
  4. Dear nannypam, Thank you so much for your replies and responses, I am nearly in tears at your last comment. I haven't logged on to this site for around 2 weeks as was busy searching and working with a social worker..and guess what..she is found and we have exchanged emails. it is still very early days but on both sides there are the signs of joy, healing and happiness and optimism. Good things can happen. Smile and spread goodness wherever you go. Please take care. Kevin.x
  5. Just in the slim chance someone may have been in the maternity unit at the same time, the baby was born on the 31st August 1962 and called Frances Cook, my mothers name was Alma (Alexandra) Cook.
  6. Hello, I am based up in Scotland having lived my whole life there; my 74 year old mum passed away a few weeks ago and I have just discovered her whole life she kept the secret of having a daughter at Cowley Hill in 1962. She was 22 and unmarried at the time. She was sent from Scotland to live with family in Haydock till she had the baby which was adopted. I am her only other child and she never spoke to me about this. So sad. I was born in 1967 in Scotland. This seems crazy but I want to know if she would be well treated at this hospital in 1962, was it a nice, kind place. Please share any memories. Still trying to trace my half sister...wish me luck.
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