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  1. Fozzie

    St Helens Heroes

    Yes, but if the LNER had allowed a Stanier "Coronation" on their tracks it would have wiped the floor with Mallard - far superior locomotive!!
  2. Fozzie

    Bill McMinnis

    Bill McMinnis was a relation of mine due to one of my grandfather's sisters marrying a Sharples and then she married Bill. I have memories of visiting him at Pewfall when I was a kid. Very sorry to hear of this. I certainly remember his wife Doreen and his daughters show up on my family tree. We need to talk about the Sharples/McMinnis connection.
  3. Fozzie

    train to Liverpool

    When I used to travel to Lime Street in the late 70's there were four tracks from Huyton onwards. Then two were removed. Now they are putting them back. What's going on?
  4. Fozzie

    St Helens accent

    Born in St Helens 1949, moved to Yorkshire 1976 but still have overtones of St Helens accent. When people hear me speak they can't quite place where I'm from thanks to living in Yorkshire for 39 years. I even speak French and German with a Lancashire accent!!
  5. Just returned from New Zealand. In Wellington (bottom end of North Island) I found a statue to one Richard John Seddon, Prime Minister of New Zealand 1893 to 1906. Born Eccleston 1845. Anyone even remotely heard of him? Any other local natives found fame in foreign climes?
  6. Fozzie

    Old railways of St Helens area

    If anyone really wants any information on the railways in the area I suggest the following:- Industrial Railways of St Helens, Widnes and Warrington, Part Two by C. H. A. Townley and J. A. Peden. ISBN 1 901556 25 5. Old Ordnance Survey Maps by Alan Godfrey Maps (www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk) Lancashire Sheets 101.14 and 108.01. These Alan Godfrey Maps are dated 1906 and so are very good for showing the railways in the vicinity of Peasley Cross, Ravenhead, Blackbrook and Parr. I lived in Parr from 1949 to 1969 and find them excellent.
  7. Fozzie

    train to Liverpool

    Way back when I lived in St Helens and used to go on the train to Lime Street, Huyton and Broad Green had four tracks, then they removed two. Now they are putting the two back. Foresight is a wonderful thing!
  8. Fozzie

    Cowley Reunion

    Not been back there since I left Lancashire in 1976 and moved to Yorkshire. What's the place like these days?
  9. Fozzie

    Things you don't see anymore

    Chewing gum machines that gave a free packet every fourth turn - you just had to look for the arrow pointing forward on the knob. Penny Arrow Bars Spangles Liquorice root, or can you still get it?
  10. Fozzie

    Cowley horror stories

    I was there c1961 to 1968. The bloke Moss who taught history was Richard Moss, aka Doctor Beaker after the Supercar character. Seemed to recall he played in goal when they had a masters versus prefects football match. I went back in the second year fifths to get some more O Levels. Flash insisted I took Latin again 'cos I only got a Grade 6 (just about a pass) first time round, so took the O Level again and got Grade 5. Two Latin O Levels and neither have been any use or ornament!! In the second year fifths, because I had a French O Level I was allowed to take German for a year (now that has really been useful) - master was cross eyed - known as Herr Umlaut, don't remember his name though. Great respect (eventually) for PA Morley - resulted in a French O Level, another useful language. Anybody ever go on the school trip to London about 1961? Stayed at Grange Farm in Chigwell.
  11. Fozzie

    Steam train at St Helens

    Personally, in BR days I never saw a "Semi" at Shaw Street as was - you had to got to Wigan North Western for these. All we ever got was 41211, 41286, 76076 and 76079 (since preserved) - anybody remember any others? I do recall going over Shaw Street bridge about 8:15am on a number 16 bus in about 1963 going to school and seeing a "Clan" on a Glasgow to Liverpool freight. I think the only "Clan" I ever saw. Any other old spotters remember this?
  12. Fozzie

    TV series from years ago.

    I can recall a puppet show, not a regular series, called Rubovia. Said country was in Europe but seemed to be an English speaking country. Characters included Albert Weatherspoon, an inventor, with his pet cat, the king and queen who owned a pet dragon called Pongo. Anyone else remember this one?
  13. Fozzie

    TV series from years ago.

    Anybody remember a ropey puppet series called Space Patrol? Probably pre Gerry Anderson who did (chronologically) Four Feather Falls, Supercar, Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, UFO and I think Joe 90. There's a few memories. So, going even further back, who remembers Twizzle and Torchy the battery boy?
  14. Fozzie

    TV series from years ago.

    Anyone remember Garrison's Guerillas? Maybe about 1969-70ish Sort of a smaller Dirty Dozen. Commander called Garrison, naturally, plus, I seem to recall, a forger, an expert with a knife, an impersonator, plus one other. Great Series.
  15. Fozzie

    Old Cowleans

    That name seems to ring a bell - wasn't he in charge of the library at Cowley? I was there c60 to 65 and certainly I was taught English Lit by him and then in my latter years by Ray French. Other masters were:- Mr Clifton (Flash) Latin Mr Frodsham (Little Ebb) Physics Mr Morley (Kong) French - died c'63 I also recall a woodwork master called Mr Wilcox (?), a German master who was cross eyed (I kid you not) nicknamed Herr Umlaut and a history master, Richard Moss, nicknamed Doctor Beaker after a character from Supercar or was it Fireball XL5? Adrian Foster

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