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  1. Just one defeat lets get over it. in the Cunningham era we would have been delirious watching that.
  2. Yes Minerlad spot on. I lived in Bourne Street but I could name most people in Jackson Street etc, the flats started the demise really. Even Johnny Wellies was a Crosser.
  3. We had a good chippy round the corner on Sherdley Road near the plantation Peasley x
  4. That is quite true, and in many cases it has had really positive results, Dave Watts for one. The bigger picture is do we want to be part of this Liverpool region and why are so many hostels and half way houses in the town centre habited by people with Liverpool accents?
  5. I think it was more that the parish had gone, the school closed and the numbers attending mass had become very small.
  6. Peasley Cross was my district, it really has changed since the seventies. The Griffin, New Vaults, Labour Club and of course St Joseph all bit the dust. UGB now the home to mighty Saints and not a couple of thousand workers and the Gas Works no more either. Happy times growing up there, the old saying everyone had nothing but it was a laugh.
  7. I think it was the West Derby Hundreds but I may be wrong. To be honest Dave I think that is what is killing the town the people in power don't care and that feeds apathy in all of us. We have seen a Tory MP thrown on us and now we have a 71 year old as our new vibrant MP. Marie would have been great ten years ago but this is a joke now. Bet you Grunewald succeeds her. I would try to get out now before Joe Anderson creates Greater Liverpool and he will.
  8. Loz

    Polar Ford

    God they are awful. Rude, unprofessional just awful, like the place near Beechams also.
  9. But Merseyside is quickly becoming Liverpool, Knowsley are happy with this, are we as a town. I am far from anti Liverpool I just think we have fell so far behind Widnes and Warrington it's sad. The council leader is a politician from Scotland using the town as a stepping stone. The centre of town is low on shops and high on hostels, it is losing its pride and we don't seem to have plan to turn it around
  10. Loz

    Johnny Welly

    An out of touch councillor never.
  11. Merseytravel are killing the town, it's cheap as chips to Liverpool by train off peak. Yet expensive as hell to Town by bus or thanks to the council to park in our town. Also besides Tyrers what other shops actually care not M&S that's for sure
  12. It was given quite some air time tonight on North West Tonight. Anderson Liverpool Mayor and not a lover of St Helens was interviewed and I feel realises he will be a shoe in for the position and Grunewald our leader who frankly came across very poorly. I fear this could be another nail in the coffin of this once proud town. Liverpool is now seeing investment that is smothering our town and the cheap transport links make it cheaper to travel by train from Lea Green to Liverpool, than by bus from Marshalls Cross to Town.
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