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  1. jim woodward

    Garry Schofield

    not sure of the criteria,but not necessary to serve 10 years.morley had one at wire,and saints applied to rugby league for testimonial for paul clough,but dont know why he's got one so long after retiring
  2. Alan, I think that would be"kongs field" which was off Hewitt ave,down past what is now beamont ave.there was a path which led through to ruskin drivto ruskin drive hi tony j.not very good at family history,but Sheila marsden nee woodward was my dad's(sam woodward) cousin.her parents bert and chrissie did live on Ellison drive,and she did marry bill marsden,living on knowsley rd.
  3. yes,tony j.sheila holland is my sister,we lived in rennie ave.
  4. can anyone tell me when the council houses,mulberry ave,gibbons ave etc.were built
  5. Rachel Lyon, local author, has written a lovely children's book about "The child of Hale"
  6. hi,aquaphibian.yes my father,sam lived with the Cauldwells in doulton st,from early 1920,s.do you remember Alma the barber at the end of street.he only had 2 fingers on one hand.i sat on a plank across the seat while he cut my hair.also remember the bookies runner,used to go in back gate to put dad's bet on.
  7. where did it go in relation to the subway which ran from bottom of bridge st.to liverpool rd.didn't they have problems with the drains?,when filling subway in.
  8. many thanks HORT,I am on photo,bottom 2nd.left,jim/james woodward,were you in same year?
  9. trying to view photo,just get a message,unable to find attachement
  10. hi,HORT.sorry typing error.i was a student at g.p.t.s.from 1960-65.some of classmates i remember were,bill lawrenson,malcolm hall,tony twist.johnny walsh ex saint think was year above me,also paddy kilgannon
  11. my brother says that the culvert in park,dilloway st.ran under bowling greens through to borough rd.he says he used to walk part way thro it.can anyone remember?
  12. thanks aquaphibian,no i dont have a brother peter.i am searching family history and had relatives living in cyril st 1900,and my father samuel in doulton st,1920's to 50's. i also am saints supporter and went to grange park 1960-75
  13. does anyone remember where cyril st.,eccleston was
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