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  1. dbm67

    The Ruskin Drive Mini Train

    cheeky buggers arent they. we always attribute photos to the rightful owner. http://www.sthelensunlimited.co.uk/2017/09/24/ruskin-drive-steam-train/
  2. looks fairly new. i wonder why they dont have one at college street which is always getting flooded as well.
  3. Here is what they told me A project team is currently being established to take forward the Phase 4 Project which is to include a new Pharmacy on the ground floor together with office/meeting room facilities. If people wish to know more thay can contact the Millenium Centre at contact@tmcsh.org.uk
  4. I found this http://www.tmcsh.org.uk/about-us/future-developments/ I suspect this phase 4 has been "on the table" for a while.
  5. dbm67

    Martin Murray is Prepped 2 Go

  6. Are you fed up with never hearing about events that are going on across the Borough, or finding out how great they were afterwards. Well, there is a a solution to this problem. Be sure to check out the monthly event guide that we publish on the St Helens Unlimited website. it is also publish freqently to Facebook and Twitter We also publish a weekend event guide every Friday lunchtime, shared in the same places as the monthly guide.
  7. Perhaps they need an Event Organisers Forum so that they can discuss events and potential conflicts etc
  8. dbm67

    Heritage Open Days

    four days of great free events across the borough for Heritage open days. comprehensive Whats On guide => http://www.sthelensunlimited.co.uk/2017/08/28/heritage-open-days-thursday-7th-to-monday-10th-september/
  9. dbm67

    Shine for Len 'Banana' Saunders

    i didn't realise they were lighting up the bridge as well? Nice one.
  10. dbm67

    Wedding at Lowe House

    Hiya, what a wonderful photo. Would it be OK i posted it on the St Helens Unlimited facebook page please? Let me know of any links you'd like including to any sites for your photos etc
  11. dbm67

    Urban Skateboard park

    This post has a photo of the plan submitted
  12. Hi RobBob is it ok if I use a few of these photographs for a post on our St Helens Unlimited facebook page about the event?
  13. dbm67

    post office revamp

    what do people think of the revampy of the post office on bridge street. i popped in, just needed a stamp for item, and was directed to use the self service machines, shown how by a helpful person, all seemed quite cool as it goes. but, and their is always a but, are these a kick in the teeth for actually having a decent number of people on the counters to serve people? i'm tending towards the self service things being positive what do you folks think? i'm new to the forums, hi! :-)

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