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  1. Thank you so much. Like i said i really appreciate the information you have given me. I will definitely search around other sites so thank you for the heads up on them. You are a star *
  2. I would really appreciate that thank you. I've been using Find my past but dont fully understand how to use it as yet. Is Ancestry better or any other search site do you recommend? Thank you ever so much for the information you have given me. Much appreciated.
  3. Sorry I found John and eliza and some of the children's names (knew there was 11 children) but not all of them. What I should of said you've confirmed that I've got the correct people but I knew nothing about the other information like weddings/their own parents/other siblings etc. I apologise for phrasing it wrong. I'm looking into my fathers side family tree and got stuck here hence asking.
  4. Omg!!!! That's the information I've got too x how are you related to it all?
  5. Looking for information regarding the Whittle family 1880s Father was John born 1860 Mum was eliza 1860 Married 1880 They had 11 children Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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