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    Grinder, Pilks

    During this era of Glass Making, high quality window glass was first cast in a 'rough' slab and then ground and then polished. Hence 'Grinder' as a job description. This process was done at Cowley Hill works and at Doncaster.
  2. watercress


    William Francis and Elizabeth Finney had about 7 children:- Sarah 1883, Lucy 1885, James 1888, Elizabeth 1890, George 1891, Thomas 1898 and Margaret Ellen 1899 William's parents were George Francis 1827-1872 and Lucy Maria Bridge 1830-1911 David
  3. watercress


    Does anyone have any knowledge or interest in The Francis's? In the Mid 1800 they were Beersellers, Landlords (The Primrose Vaults) and like everyone else Miners. The last known address was 'Down the Steps' 101 Chancery Lane with the Shaws, Mercers and Tickles etc. I'm also looking for any old (1950's and earlier) photo's of Parr. Regards Barry (FRANCIS) of Parr Cent. B)
  4. watercress


    All Pilkington records and archives are now looked after by a company in Sherdley Road called I'm&S, Hamlett House, Delphwood Drive 01744 453555

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