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  1. Hi mummy2, I remember your mum , I used to work in pimmies at fingerpost.My mum also came from a big family , don,t know how they all fit into those 2 up 2 downs!
  2. Thank you Phyll,that brought back some lovely memories. I went to Holy Cross and loved the May procession.
  3. I remember Bebe,s we got all our groceries from her. I lived in Barbers street which ran along the back of Pocketnook st ,I could be one of those kids in the photo ! Happy Days !!
  4. There was a little barbers on north road my cousins used to go can't remember the name .
  5. Hi summer69 I went to carmel then I was Teresa Taylor back then.
  6. Great thanks ,just been to Greece with Kath and our hubbies,did you have dark hair then Phyll? My memory is,nt as good as it was .How are you? .
  7. Hi Phyll yes I went to carmel , Mated about with Kath Follin and Sheila Manley .What was your name?'
  8. Yes John my mum lived in Jackson st . She was an amazing woman sadly she died 16 years ago and I still miss her every day .Please tell your mum I. was asking after her I used to serve her when I worked at pimmies.
  9. Yes my mum was Teresa Taylor I know your mum and I remember your aunty Kathleen and John .How is your mum?'
  10. Hi John B don't remember him but I used to knock around with Jacqueline and peter burns .
  11. Thanks Mally how do I get Pm I am new to this forum and just finding my way .
  12. OMG you married Joan and had a couple of boys I remember it well.I used to work with your mum at pimmies .Hope you are all well.
  13. Yes I did many moons ago do you remember me ? .
  14. Hi John b what was your granddad name probably knew him we moved out when he did .Just joined this site and would love to hear from my old playmates as you say it was a very close community . I was Teresa Taylor back then .
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