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  1. This day marks the 20th anniversary of the installation of this board. It looks as though the people who make the forum software have done away with the Calendar and replaced it with this thing called Events. No more birthdays or things like that... unless there is another way of putting them on.
  2. On this particular cluster of matches of dad's that appear to be wrong - according to me and some others - the common ancestors are some 5th great grandparents (to me) on his paternal side. There are a few matches from those, but ancestry seems to be insisting that they're on his maternal side. It might be that there is another connection to those people on his maternal side but it seems unlikely. They would say that DNA doesn't lie but while we are connected to those ancestors and thus matches, there may be a different route to them... possibly even a pesky NPE somewhere.
  3. I've found a few in my dad's matches that I know are wrong (the same people are correctly assigned in mine), so while I can trust most of the assignations in mine, it's going to take a bit of scrutiny on his.
  4. It could be due to a bit of endogamy. There are only 2 in my list originally defined as being 'Both' - dad and daughter, where it would seem to be correct with the latter, but not so with the former. Down the list I've found amongst the 'unassigned' a few that might include people who may have both sides - 6 people, but with only 2 of them having more than one segment. You'd think that the 4 others would be some kind of mismatch anomalies, but I'm looking at one of them who seems to be in amongst some maternal Huytons, but they also have some paternal shared matches, so I've marked them as being 'Both' until I know better. added 14 minutes later Just as an aside - I'm going to have a look at some of the scripts on this guy's page. Not enough days in a weekend.
  5. Someone I know who doesn't have it yet saw a glimpse of it a few weeks ago and then it disappeared. With somebody else who doesn't have it yet, they went in on their husband's account checked and he had it. He rarely logs in so they might be testing it with the lightest users. added 19 minutes later There are supposedly some console scripts that can be used to see the parental allocation when the Ancestry feature is not yet enabled. There is also the fact that it is a per-user-account feature that needs to be somehow switched on. E.g. if you had access to my matches then you would be able to see the results of SideView on mine... whereas I can't. This is a very odd Beta arrangement and it defies the definition of Beta in a software sense. It's more like some sort of discrimination. By February I will have subscribed again. added 31 minutes later I've found the Firemonkey script and I'm pretty chuffed to find that the SideView pretty much verifies my own predictions,
  6. Has anyone got the new so-called Beta feature that splits your matches by parents yet? It's supposed to show which parental or maternal side each match is from. First of all they did it for 'ethnicity' where you can see the sides separately Initially they show as 'parent 1' and 'parent 2' and it leaves you to decide which is paternal or maternal. Having done that is looks something like this. Anyway, now lots of people are also seeing which sides their matches are from on their lists. Lots of others (including me) aren't and it could take until February 2023 before it is 'rolled out' for everyone. The rolling out seems to be random, with some people who aren't even subscribers being able to see their own and the matches of others they have access to split by parents. I've already been able to work out which side many of matches belong using common gumption and some of those who have the feature are saying that the parental split seems accurate, while others are reporting the opposite. Maybe they didn't guess the parental allocation correctly. It'll be interesting to see the results if and when they appear. Has anyone on here got this 'feature' yet? added 45 minutes later Some of it is explained here. AncestryDNA’s SideView Assigns Matches to Parent Sides – The DNA Geek THEDNAGEEK.COM The Zoo Problem Imagine a 5-year-old telling you about their trip to the zoo. They might, in breathless excitement, report that the camels are across from the lions and the tortoises are across fr… With mum's families being mostly up north(ish) and dad's being mostly south, it was fairly easy for me to decide which side many of the matches are from - not by ethnicity or anything daft like that, but from correlation using the paper trails and from the ways the clusters of matches work out.
  7. Dave


    Proper maps are here. Some need to be downloaded because they're too big to view in the browser.
  8. Re: FTM I got it about a month ago and it does get updates. I'm just about to install V 24.1 after receiving an email. The syncing with Ancestry is a lot more plain-sailing than my previous experience with RootsMagic 7. I'm glad I went for FTM 2019 instead of upgrading to RM 8. What's New in the FTM 2019 24.1 Update
  9. North end of the 'lake'. Google Maps WWW.GOOGLE.CO.UK Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Off Alexandra Drive
  10. I vaguely remember the original Union Street. It was being emptied out ready for demolition and I was walking home from school (Rivi) with one of the lads who lived over there. He said I should come with him and see what they were getting up to. They'd piled a load of old mattresses in one of the back yards and some of the kids (some quite young) were diving onto them from an upstairs window and the braver ones were jumping off the roof. It was quite wild.
  11. I wonder if they're knocking them down? They flattened all the similar houses that were built at the same time (circa 1972/3) at Park Road in the early 2000s. Bad design and build. added 3 minutes later The name stuck and it was still called Chessies long after John Sines took over. added 8 minutes later Spent many a night in Chessies. It was one of the pubs where you wouldn't get thrown out if you were only 16. My mum came in and dragged me out one night. John's wife didn't bat an eye and when I went in the following night she laughed and said "Awww, was that yer mam last night? Pint of bitter?"
  12. I have a 4th cousin in Scotland and in the tree he connects back to the Fillingham & White g g g grandparents. As usual, over 3rd cousin it isn't guaranteed that there will be a DNA match on Ancestry - particularly after they dumbed things down to 8 centimorgans. Not only that, Ancestry uses an algorithm or a filtering method called Timber, which is supposed to help, but sometimes it doesn't. So anyway, it was a bit disappointing to find that there was no match between us on Ancestry. There were lots of common matches in our individual lists. Comparing kit numbers on GedMatch was very useful because it proved that there is indeed a match, with total 38.1 cM - all broken into bits, with the longest segment being 7.1 cM. So it is useful.
  13. There's something about Crooks / Pusill on this webpage.
  14. Hi Halj I have this Thomas Critchley in my tree. He's a 3 x half great uncle. The info I have for Mary Pusill is slightly different from Lankylad's, with her DOB being 27 Jan 1790 and baptism on 21 Feb 1790. Same parents. Henry's surname was Crouchley and then it changed to Critchley in subsequent generations. He was one of my 4xg grandfathers. Before Henry married anyone he had a bastardy order put on him for a child of Betty Burrows called John. Then he married my ancestor Betty Fairhurst and they had at least six children including my ggg grandfather Henry. After Betty Fairhurst died he married Mary Pusill and they had at least five children including your Thomas. The Pusill family were further intertwined when William Critchley (son of Henry and Betty Fairhurst) married his step-aunt Martha Pusill - Mary's younger sister. added 7 minutes later https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/person/tree/1365457/person/272285565250/facts added 41 minutes later There are conflicts between trees with this Mary's DOB and Christening - some say 1790 while others have 1792. There's a possibility that a 1790 Mary died and then they called the next child Mary in 1792.
  15. Mine was fairly easy too. The slog of identifying where matches fit in continues... 43,343 - total matches (as of last week) 20,002 - no trees - why did they bother? Was it for ethnicity? A forgotten whim? 18,280 - with 10 or more people in a tree 11.193 - 100 or more 6,245 - 500 or more 4,412 - 1,000 or more 1,426 - 5,000 or more 727 - 10,000 or more (I'm in this group) 317 - 20,000 or more 62 - 50,000 or more 17 - 100,000 or more I imagine that similar applies to others. added 1 minute later There are more matches that I know about, but only 137 of all my matches are in the tree. added 31 minutes later We'll see how that maternal/paternal decision works out, because in theory it could lead to automatic identification of which side a match is from. We've been able to mark matches as maternal or paternal for a while - made even easier if you've had both or just one parent tested. There will always be some uncertainty with parents whose ancestry went back a way in the same areas (endogamy), but I think that it'll probably be helpful for me with my dad's lot being southern.
  16. Dave


    Traditional St Helens food, from pea wet to pie rivalries - Liverpool Echo WWW.LIVERPOOLECHO.CO.UK Which is your favourite?
  17. The so-called ethnic regions aren't purely defined because there are no real geographical DNA borders and I have 'Welsh' from both sides, but on dad's side, 3% of my 17%, I think that it's his people in the Gloucestershire area, and the rest is from mum. I don't have any of his 6% Germanic Europe, which appears to be from his maternal grandmother. Sweden & Denmark, will be from his dad's side - as will Norway (which agrees with the Y-DNA, Vikings, etc.). 'Ethnicity' aside though, this is going to be useful in finding out which of our DNA matches are from which parent. I already know a lot due to having dad's results, but this should go deeper.
  18. The 'Sideview' explained. Cruwys news: SideView: a new method for assigning matches and biogeographical ancestry to paternal and maternal sides at AncestryDNA CRUWYS.BLOGSPOT.COM
  19. (Donks, please ignore this post ) Check the new ethnicity stuff on Ancestry. It won't say which is parent 1 or 2, but for me it looks as though parent 1 is my mum.
  20. I recently made a good contact with a 5th cousin on the direct paternal line, whose branch had gone to Australia in the 1860s. DNA matches with three people and my dad (and not me), and it just goes to show how having a parent's DNA can make a difference in the hunt for relatives to prove the paper trail. DNA matches can fade out from third cousin onwards, so it's also a good idea if a sibling can have it done as well, because they'll likely have bits of your parent's DNA that you don't have. You can still find matches with 5th, 6th, 7th and sometimes 8th cousins, with your own DNA, but you'll be missing other relatives that you can find using other family members.
  21. Is this like a quiz question, testing knowledge of pub triviality? Do you know? Do you know the years between when the Cowley Hill Vaults became the travesty called the Anfield Arms?
  22. Bad image. On the transcription it says William Ratcliffe and Thomas Friar, but you can't see the occupations.
  23. Never used it. It's supposed to be good but the '2019' puts me off it a bit. There doesn't seem to be any indication that there is any active development.
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