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  1. The one that is there now is said to have been there since 1871.
  2. Sorry, I meant to say - 1851.
  3. At the bottom of Bridge Street - where Liverpool Road was, there was Kitts Bridge. On the other side of Liverpool Road, going towards what is now Canal Street (then the canal) was Bridgewater Street, then the Tavern Bridge crossing the canal, leading to the Navigation Tavern.
  4. Endogamy Rules UK!

  5. Dave

    DNA testing

    I think that some start off thinking that they'll maybe make a tree. They get stuck though and that's why their trees are so tiny - or they just don't bother at all because that wasn't the motivation in the first place. They lose interest and then the subs expire. Or they're dead.
  6. Dave

    DNA testing

    I see that Ancestry have updated the 'ethnicity' again. I don't know why they bother with it really. It's on a different level to the genealogy - a lower level, appealing to a superficial narcissistic consumer base. It must be the money.
  7. A bit missing is that the infant and junior classes eventually came back to the main school, then from about 1964 the infants and juniors relocated to Tennis Street North. But it doesn't matter because it's well after the period of interest.
  8. Dave

    DNA testing

    It is interesting and there's more in some of the other papers (pictures and other odd snippets). He gets to live in the house and has £50,000 a year. His dad didn't seem to like it and he turned into a reclusive junkie - ignoring the existence of his son. They'll probably make it into a film.
  9. I don't remember which book it was from, but I've been advised that the picture wasn't actually at Rivington Road school - rather it was up at another school on Knowsley Road.
  10. @non sibi sed omnibus . Please don't post your 'foto' requests in this forum. I know it might seem logical to post them here, but first posts from topics in this forum automatically go out on the RSS feed and they're picked up by the Facebook page and they eventually end up on twitter. They'll also go into forum subscriber's emails. So it helps if the post has some actual photographic content for people to see, rather than what appears to be some kind of insane request for Rob to get his balls out. I've deleted it from there now, but this is what greeted the viewers.
  11. Dave

    DNA testing

    I can't think which is more euphemistic "non-paternity event" or "not parent expected". I suppose that the first one would make more sense because it's a problem mostly pertaining to paternity. Anyroadup, it happened a lot.
  12. Hoover Constellations. You'd drag 'em around like hovercrafts.
  13. Hi Dave

    Why, when sending messages, using the envelope symbol, do I receive a notification in red saying that person cannot receive messages.

    is there a way round this to send private messages?


    1. Dave


      Usually because their inbox is full - else they've turned their messenger off. The messenger is limited to 10 conversations each (of any length) and the limit is so that members will delete old conversations (freeing up space, etc.). 

      BTW, please use the Help and FAQs forum for questions where the answers may be useful for the other members. Alternatively use the Ask Admin forum.

    2. Brianza


      Thanks for the info.

  14. OMG yeah, the last time I was in there I nearly choked. It was horrific.
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