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  1. OMG yeah, the last time I was in there I nearly choked. It was horrific.
  2. I don't have any sentimental attachment to the Gamble - no more than any other buildings that have been sold and re-purposed or demolished. OK, it's one of the few old interesting looking buildings that are left, but the expense is like the albatross metaphor. A few people could make a fuss in the way philthespark advocates, but the council could just say "OK you fix it or pay for it to be fixed then." Or should we pay more council tax for it? Canny old Gamble - he was very 'shrewd' and he had 'gumption', enabling him to make an absolute fortune from his workers. It wasn't unusual for this sort of person to become all philanthropic in their old age. Towns and cities all over the country have similar monuments, kindly bestowed to the native populations - probably not only due to vanity but as a sort of an atonement.
  3. Did they sell them or did they lease them? Was it an actual sale?
  4. Thanks to some piecing together from my cousin Jenny, I see that Norman Harvey was my 3rd cousin twice removed. Dave's Roll of Honour (so far) Rifleman Arthur Pye 1st cousin 1 x removed Rifleman Fred Pye 1st cousin 1 x removed Private Henry Pye 1st cousin 2 x removed Private John William Fillingham 2nd cousin 2 x removed Bugler Ernest Edward Morgan 2nd cousin 2 x removed Gunner Moses Tinsley 2nd cousin 3 x removed Corporal William Lawrence Henderson 2nd cousin 3 x removed Corporal John Tebb 3rd cousin 1 x removed Private Norman Harvey VC 3rd cousin 2 x removed Private William Wroe 3rd cousin 2 x removed Serjeant John Peel 3rd cousin 2 x removed Private Thomas Edward Gabitas 3rd cousin 2 x removed Private Thomas Beesley 3rd cousin 3 x removed
  5. Gove-rnment?


  6. It'd better be an improvement. I can't really see how it will be, but I suppose time will tell.
  7. It's funny how they're calling it a trial. As if it possibly isn't intended to be implemented everywhere after its 'success'. A part of the blame was to do with fines imposed on the UK government by the EU, for missing targets. It was decided that the fines would then be passed down to the local authorities, who seem to be perpetually asking people to pay more for less services. It'll end up where you're getting nothing in return for the council tax at this rate.
  8. Glory days, well they'll pass you by, Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye, Glory days, glory days


    1. mally


      We like Bruce round these parts 

  9. They'd have been the offices, canteen and stock rooms, I'd expect.
  10. He's my 2nd cousin 3x removed - his mother was a Critchley (Martha). He's related to Ratty and a probably a few others on here.
  11. Doing genealogy I keep on discovering more local men on my mum's side of the family, cousins, distant cousins, who died in WW1. The count is currently twelve.
  12. Well, you know, it isn't really about that. It can give you incredible family tree info that you might never have found. E.g. the reason I found out that Pop (#55) was related came about through DNA. One of Pop's great grandson's found that we shared some DNA. It was a puzzle at first because Pop was only my dad's step-father - so how could there be some DNA? It was all down to the enquirer's g g g g grandmother (Pop's grandmother) being Elizabeth Critchley (1821-1900) and she was my 1st cousin 4 x removed - with our common ancestors being Henry Crouchley (1766-1836) and Betty Fairhurst (1765-1812). They're a certainty due to others sharing DNA (with Henry and Betty as ancestors). Naaaaaaaa Lazarus (that's what Pop used to call me )
  13. A fascinating weird fact surfaced today. After my paternal grandfather's death in 1943 in Hertfordshire (related to things that'd happened in WW1) my grandmother met a man from St Helens who had been stationed down there after the end of the war - up to 1948. His name was William Duckworth. Having had five children with his previous wife he'd been widowed in 1946. I don't know who was looking after his kids, but he was down there in the army. Anyway, they met and married - pooling the kids (grandmother had 4) and they lived in one of the new council houses up at Windermere Avenue, Clinkham Wood. Then when my great grandfather died, grandmother received my grandfather's share and they bought a house on Laffak Road. There had been a little bit of resentment amongst the kids after having been dragged up north, but in reality William had rescued her from life on a measly pension. Anyway, here's the weird part (not really all that weird in the grand scheme of things), I wouldn't have existed if grandfather hadn't died and grandmother hadn't married this other bloke who had brought her up here - because dad wouldn't have met mum, and so on. But today I find that William was related to my mum (albeit a bit distant in 3rd cousin terms) via my Critchleys. OK, OK, boring for most, but I remember Pop (William) quite well - even though I was only nearly three years old when he died. (edit - it still works - via a slightly different route)
  14. It's automatically deleted after 30 days, but turned off for viewing until there's another accusation of members changing content.
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