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  1. Dave

    St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    You must've been identified as being a hacker again Ste. Not that you are one. I'm hunting through the logs to find and remove your IP... Is it OK now?
  2. You might be able to use it on an Android or iPod tablet, but I don't think there is a Windows version. It logs into Ancestry and uses your tree.
  3. A bit of frivolous fun. Have you had anyone interesting popping up in it? Latest one for me was Emily Bronte. Previous ones to that were Jon Hamm (never heard of him - and ditto a few of those that follow) Mitt Romney, Kevin Bacon (which did look a bit credible), Gregg Toland, Philo T. Farnsworth, Lizzie Borden, Anna Turthill Harrison, Lyman Beecher, William Blake, James Cook, Aaron Burr, Abigail Fillmore, and Charles Laughton (!).
  4. Dave

    How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    This Daily Mail article says that those of us in the north west have an average of 20,000 cousins. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5653851/NA-researchers-say-Britons-average-17-000-living-blood-relatives.html It's somewhere near right, I have nearly 21,000, but I'm at the lower end in terms of the people that I'm sharing results with. I know someone who has nearly 39,000.
  5. Dave

    The bears paw inn in Westfield st

    I wish that we could. I've just looked at Paul's 'St Helens Pubs' group on Facebook and they don't seem to have any either.
  6. Dave

    Assault on Broad Oak Rd,Parr,last night.

    A hostile environment for photographers.
  7. Dave

    The bears paw inn in Westfield st

    Before anyone asks where Crook Street was. But which corner?
  8. Dave

    Assault on Broad Oak Rd,Parr,last night.

    Learn from an expert Rob.
  9. Dave

    Canal Side - Where was it?

    Can't do any better than Ratty for 'Canal Side'. It might have been near Canal Place - or it might have been on another stretch. There are a few places in old St Helens that are hard to locate. Three that spring to mind where ancestors lived are Cotton Yard (somewhere on Croppers Hill), Roughleys Lane (somewhere up near Cowley Hill Lane) and Browns Lane (somewhere near Windle City). They can't be found on any old maps, so welcome to our world of puzzlement. added 3 minutes later Canal Place
  10. Dave

    Lowe House RC Burial Registers

    No, I don't think that it's a new 'with it'. I've seen the same sort of thing going on for a long time in various publications. Why does the multi-paragraph quotation rule exist? Anyway, back to Lowe House..
  11. Liam, see the part that says "Please do not post duplicate topics (posts with identical or near identical content) in different forums. All but one will be deleted." in the forums guidelines.
  12. Dave

    Lowe House RC Burial Registers

    No, it's to do with putting 'Lol!' in a post, when a post itself creates all of these columns in a table row. Field,Type append_edit,tinyint(1) edit_time,int(10) pid,int(10) author_id,int(10) author_name,varchar(255) ip_address,varchar(46) post_date,int(10) icon_id,smallint(3) post,mediumtext queued,tinyint(1) topic_id,int(10) post_title,varchar(255) new_topic,tinyint(1) edit_name,varchar(255) post_key,varchar(32) post_htmlstate,smallint(1) post_edit_reason,varchar(255) post_bwoptions,int(10) unsigned pdelete_time,int(11) post_field_int,int(10) post_field_t1,text post_field_t2,text Just to add 'Lol!'. I was pointing out that the reactions are fixed, so as to avoid wastefulness.
  13. Dave

    Lowe House RC Burial Registers

    Reminder that reactions on posts have been fixed. 😶
  14. Dave

    Around St.Helens

    Only needs a little ladder and you could have some fun with those letters.
  15. Doin' the Lamberf Walk, Oi!


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