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  1. Dave

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    Public is best if you want match-hints. Living people aren't shown on a public tree unless you specifically give named people access.
  2. Dave

    How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    Having some Mercer ancestors I always wondered if I was related to the bakers/pie makers. It seems as though I am, but not as I'd expected. The connection is through the Fillinghams, where Ann, a younger sister of my gg grandmother Mary married someone called Michael Glover and their daughter Bertha married John Mercer and it was their son Samuel (1913-1991) of the pie-making dynasty. He was a 2nd cousin 2x removed. I'm probably related twice though, because it looks as though those Mercers go back to Childwall where ours are from.
  3. Dave

    Missing grandfather

    It's funny how we all missed that one. Correct = http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/casualty-3404-Peter_Tongue.html and not http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/casualty-1320-Peter_Tonge.html Both in Royal Welsh Fusiliers and died within a few months in the same year. added 16 minutes later It doesn't help with all the surname variations. On the index for the marriage in 1902 it is 'Peter Tong' and 'Annie Bleachley'.
  4. Dave

    Missing grandfather

    No, there aren't any census details (Chris last edited the page in July 2015). The only things that you can't see are a snippet of soldiers effects and a gravestone picture. added 11 minutes later There's something not right with this anyway. Enlistment papers give his age as 21 in 1914, so he'd be born in 1893 (not 1878). Those enlistment papers give Hannah's address as '6 Agnes Street, Clathfairs St Helens', when 'Clathfairs' should be 'Clock Face'. I noticed that Chris had submitted a correction on 23/11/2013.
  5. Dave

    Missing grandfather

    It is the same.
  6. Dave

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    Those who have had tests done with AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage or Family Tree DNA, now you can upload it to Living DNA for free. They're going to be the DNA arm of FMP. https://www.livingdna.com/blog/333-findmypast-partnership No 'ethnicity' for free, but matching will be available when they've got their acts together. Upload link - https://my.livingdna.com/upload/start? If your DNA is in a .zip file, unzip it first for this because it wants the .txt file.
  7. Dave

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    I wouldn't even trust the estimates from Living DNA. Ethnicity is just a bit of fluff on the side - a general idea. But for genealogy it can be amazing. Something that you should be able to relate to is to do with our Critchleys - Henry (1796) (brother of your William, 1793) had a daughter Ann (1836). She married a Thomas Gornall and I have a DNA match with four of their decendants in the US - they'd emigrated circa 1910. Then there's another one where things are more mutual with a match with someone who has our John Critchley/Crouchley (1732) and Sybill Haston. It confirms things - to go along with the paper trails.
  8. Dave

    Around St.Helens

    I wonder if anyone made any notes about why the previous bowling alley only lasted a couple of years? Will it be possible to re-purpose the new building in case it doesn't work out?
  9. Dave

    saving past posts

    It is always possible to print topics by finding them and using your browser's print function - keys CTRL & P on any page. If you have a virtual PDF printer installed then you can select that as your print destination and you'll wind up with files instead of having to use paper. Unfortunately, the forum software people took out the option to download whole topics (as HTML) a few years ago.
  10. Holiday makers - it doesn't matter where you go, you're still where you are.

    1. Dave


      Was a side-effect of those painkillers. :blink:

  11. Dave

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    It's usually best to have the DNA done with Ancestry because with that you can later put it onto My Heritage (for free) and use their tools, but you can't transfer from MH to Ancestry because Ancestry doesn't allow DNA uploads. You can also upload your AncestryDNA to MYFTDNA - and the GEDMatch site and lots of others. So in all I'd recommend that path.
  12. Dave


    Looks like it. It's still going, but nobody has won the £250,000 jackpot since 2004.
  13. Dave

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    Y-DNA is only useful if you're interested in your father's line back through generations, say for example, if you're involved with a one-name study. It was really interesting in ours to see what happened with the various participants and some of the myth-busting that ensued. It proved a great point for me because I matched with people with a variant of my surname whose ancestors had emigrated to America in the middle of the 17th century. Autosomal DNA is the way to go if you're interested in all lines in the last few hundred years. There's a learning curve with it, and you're not guaranteed to share much or any DNA beyond third cousins. It can be hit and miss where I've had matches with people who have the same ancestors in trees, where they were expected, back to 5th and 6th great grandparents, but like I mentioned in another post, a sibling might match where you may not. added 13 minutes later I have to differ with your opinion because for me it has been really useful. It might be that you wouldn't understand (might be ignorant) of its usefulness. It is a fascinating hobby to get wrapped up in - for genealogy, but 'ethnicity' is a bit useless.
  14. Dave

    More Prescotian Grammar School mags

    You can soon increase the size on dropbox with referrals. You install the service on your PC and the files then live in a folder that synchronises on dropbox. If for some reason you don't want to continue storing the files on the PC you just un-sync that folder. I've never had any hassles with scripts or ads on the web service. You should investigate it (even if you don't want to use it for files on forums) because it is very useful.
  15. Dave

    More Prescotian Grammar School mags

    Underdog - a good solution for this sort of hosting would be Dropbox. It would mean that the links will never expire (unless you delete the files).

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