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  1. It is a listed building. The maps on the listed buildings pages have disappeared (with changing formats, etc. Something else to fix) but scroll down this page for the description.
  2. @Billychris It was Gareth who posted the pictures in 2009. I've located them and put them back.
  3. Be aware that these are public messages. The Messenger system is over here - https://www.sthelens-connect.net/forums/messenger/

  4. Rabbits and dogs and the passing time

  5. I think I remember Pete saying something similar about that.
  6. When I first got on Ancestry with the DNA I found a massive cluster of relatives in the US, all seemingly matching each other (via shared) with a good few of the kits being managed by one woman. So I thought that she must be keen and I contacted her. She came back with: "Hello Dave, I'm really not very good with the ancestry thing. I have relatives that have researched into the family tree. I'll have to start getting into it if life slows down. I live in Utah and have never been to Europe. Would love to visit someday!" Utah - the mecca of genealogy. None of her relatives had trees of any useful size, but I later discovered that they're from somewhere back in time on my dad's side. So even if you do get a reply you can be disappointed. added 34 minutes later ---- Another anecdote is about a faulty tree that I found with some of my ancestors in it. Well, it wasn't just one tree, it was about half a dozen trees where they assumed that a brother of my ancestor married twice and had some kids leading down to their people. The only trouble was that this particular Daniel had a very short life. Born about 1776 and probably died before 1781. His baptism was in 1776 but then he was missing from the family in 1781 when the family were listed in one of those poor law removal orders, where they were turfed out of one village and back to where the dad was born - and Daniel was missing - dead, I thought (whatever the trouble was, the order was reversed the following week). So I thought that these people must've known something I didn't, but I went back and looked and they all have his lifespan as being 1776 to 1781. Two wives and quite a few kids before he was five...
  7. No, they'd probably have an off-the-peg excuse in a similar way to the one that they give about a not having a Chromosome browser. They claim that the 'DNA Circles' are superior to the browser idea and that they respect privacy. I have access to 13 people's DNA and less than half have any circles (including myself (I did have some 'emerging' and then they disappeared)) and that must mean that all the other sites: FT-DNA, My Heritage, Gedmatch, et al, are disrespectful of privacy. Well, no not really, because if Ancestry did have a browser then you'd only be able to compare yourself with actual matches. It isn't as if someone could nip in and copy everyone's data because they'd only be able to see the few segments of the people they were matching. I suppose that it'd take a drop in sales before they'd put anything radically advantageous on. They're selling memberships and kits and making the money without having to bother changing anything.
  8. LX annorum

    1. RATTY


      The big one. I'm dreading it. Happy day Dave, it's only a number, it's only a number,it's only.........

    2. Dave


      It's the new 40.

  9. It just needs a timestamp of when a message was viewed (a bit like with PMs on here, or like on Facebook messenger). There are email notifications from most messages that include the full content of the message. They could drop that and just make the notification say "Suchabody has sent you a message" - with a link to the message. Otherwise, you just don't know if a message has been read at all. So if it hasn't been opened the timestamp would remain as the time that you sent the enquiry, or it would change and you'd know that it'd been read and you're being ignored.
  10. Dave

    H C Grundy

    I'd like to see a picture of the bottle because I'm sure that it should be H C Grundy. It was H C Grundy = Henry Critchley Grundy https://picclick.co.uk/Dark-Green-glass-beer-bottle-H-C-183353669891.html Topic title changed.
  11. Hello again sweetisis - I'm struggling to remember how we're related. Is that the 1868 George Molyneux who married my relation Esther Critchley?
  12. I see that the elder Gervaise had roots in Derbyshire. Long-shot - do you know if any of your Stringfellows were in Huyton (nr Liverpool), or Prescot districts in the 1700s?
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