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  1. Dave

    St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    The top menu is working fine on all my devices Ste. I don't understand what's causing your problem. As a quick fix I've put WW1 and WW2 links into the footer. Can you see if those work?
  2. Kafkaesque

  3. Funny how secrets travel
    I'd start to believe
    If I were to bleed
    Thin skies, the man chains his hands held high...

  4. Dave

    Complaints about Veolia

    Yes and no. People were already having a go so I thought it to be a bit pointless joining in. Because it is obvious - beside the point that they've admitted it. Should we not take their word for it?
  5. Dave

    Complaints about Veolia

    It's coming from this place (it was 'Fives' football for a while before Veolia). It has been pretty horrible at times.
  6. Dave

    Thomas Davies

    Yes, with it being in Parish/BVRI lookups I imagined that you were wanting to delve back into the past. You know that Enoch and Ellen lived in Eliza Street in 1901 and that they came here between then and the previous census, originating from Bagillt Flintshire Wales. It doesn't always mean that they've passed. There's a member of this site who is still alive and visible on 1939, but usually it does mean that they're gone. Sadly, using his birth date, we see: Name: Thomas Davies Death Age: 64 Birth Date: 6 Mar 1938 Registration Date: Apr 2002 Registration district: Knowsley Inferred County: Merseyside Register Number: C43 District and Subdistrict: 0231C --------- Surname: Davies Forename: Thomas Death date: 02/04/2002 Cremation date: 08/04/2002 Location: St Helens Crematorium Register: Number 60672 Age: 64 Years
  7. Dave

    Thomas Davies

    What is it that you don't know? You're wanting to go further back or to find more about him while he was alive? On the cemetery site it looks as though Albert's parents were Enoch (spelled Enock) and Ellen... They were at Emily Street in 1939.
  8. Dave

    Thomas Abbott (1892-1953)

    'Tis underway. I've messaged you over there.
  9. Dave

    Thomas Abbott (1892-1953)

    It was a surprise because with all of your St Helens people I expected it to be on my mum's side. You'll definitely find it better with at least one of your parents tested - you can phase the other if needs be, but it'd be better with both. You might have noticed on another topic where I mentioned about shared matches only showing for up to 4th cousins. It's up to you, but if you could put me in on your DNA at the lowest permission (just as a 'Viewer'), I could download your match list and compare who else we're matching with. Of course I'd send you an invite to mine in return.
  10. Dave

    Thomas Abbott (1892-1953)

    Hey Leigh, are you the Leigh Abbott on Ancestry with the long hair in his picture? It looks like it with 'James Augustus Abbott 1858-1935'. If so, you're on my DNA match list. Moderate - 5th to 8th cousins. Somehow, you're on my dad's side and he comes from Hertfordshire - but with Kent, Gloucestershire, London and too many other places to mention. Common surnames = Hughes, Taylor & Webb, but nothing obvious yet. BTW Jeff, I've recently gone over 5,000 on my tree.
  11. Dave

    St.Helens town is coming down

    I remember when they were doing a bit of a 're-launch' of a little old Co-op store in Burtonwood. As a part of it they wanted the asbestos roof painted with bitumen. It was many years full of debris (bird-shit, etc) and before we could paint it, somebody had the daft idea to clean it off with scrapers and wire brushes. I was just reading that that sort of asbestos isn't bad because 'the dangerous fibres of the substance are kept firmly in place by the cement'. Setting to work it was like a snow storm up there. That coupled with it being the same week when Chernobyl went off, I'm wondering why I'm still here.
  12. Dave

    Thomas Abbott (1892-1953)

    OK, no probs, I just got hold of the wrong end of the stick. It looks as though you're stuck with filling in the more recent stuff - which is common to many of us. Waiting for 1921, no 1931 and 1939 being a bit sketchy. Somebody might come along with some answers one day, so follow/subscribe to the topic. Good luck.
  13. Dave

    Thomas Abbott (1892-1953)

    On the marriages index it looks like James gave the name Augustus Abbott when he married Elizabeth Harrison on 2nd June 1889 at Eccleston St Thomas. If that's right then he's living at 50 Napier Street with his sister Emily being the head of household and younger siblings Frank and Joseph. https://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/census.php?cen=1881&pc=3735&fl=19 If that's right then he was incorrectly transcribed as 'Augustine' in 1871. https://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/census.php?cen=1871&pc=3863&fl=52 (no addresses for the 1871 index) added 6 minutes later Check 1861, they're at Islands Brow.
  14. Dave

    Ancestry DNA tips

    If you use the Chrome browser on Windows, you might want to install this MedBetterDNA extension. It's really good for if you're adding notes to your matches (and you really should add notes). The first thing is that you can set it to show the text from all of your notes on the index pages. It saves you having to click the little icon for each note. Next, you can add up to four #hashtags for your notes and only display those matches with (or without) your specified #tag. E.g., I have one for #paternal - for ones that I've deduced are from my dad's side. I have another for #mystery - which may or may not be solved in coming weeks. If you install this extension you'll soon find out how useful it is. More info

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