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    TAYLOR Henry, William

    I forget
    By I forget,
    Hello,   Briefly I am looking for Henry Taylors birth (circa 1853), his father is William. He married Ann jane Dixon 3 Aug 1874 in Eccleston   Help with either Taylor or Dixon lines would be much appreciated.   If you can help please go back to page 2 and look under my posting for DIXON, this gives full details and some replys that have come in already.   Thanks


    I forget
    By I forget,
    Hello, I am researching part of my husbands family called TAYLOR who lived in the Prescot area.   In 1874 Henry Taylor married Ann Jane DIXON in Eccleston. I now have Ann's birth certificate, but cannot find her parents marriage, despite a protracted search on 1837 online.   These are the details: Ann Jane Dixon, Registration district:Prescot, born: 19 Jan 1852, Garden Street, Eccleston Name of father: Thomas DIXON, Occupation: Watchmaker Name and maiden surname of mother: Jan


    By Hugh,
    Can anyone tell me were the Pilkntons(Glass)lived in 1850 +or- 30 years and were I may get info on the house hold Servent Ect


    By jill,
    I've just noticed that Ancestry now has the Middlesex area of the 1871 census indexed, but unfotunately not the rest of the country yet, but it may be worth a $12.95 months subscription to someone.

    Miners strike

    By Pete,
    If yer'rintrested, channel 4 at 7pm is about the miners strike in 1984 with Scargils mob, should be worth watching and taping.

    Peasley Cross

    By Gricey,
    Peasley Cross was the first team Bob Grice signed for in 1922 when he was 15 and we would like to know more about the club. He also played for St Helens and Sutton Commercial. We want some info because when he starts to remember, you usually get some good stories.   gricey

    Does anyone know...

    By splus,
    ..where this was?   Ebless Lane Square House, Parr   It's an address for one of my relations on the 1881 Census. I have never heard of it and can't find it on the old maps link.

    1851 Census

    The Undertaker
    By The Undertaker,
    If any kind person has a 1851 Census would they be so kind as to search for the Cook Family, Farmers, living on St Helens Road.   Also are Hill School Farm and Valencia Farm one of the same

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