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    Census - query

    By Marie,
    Can anyone help ? I was trying to find information on my great grandfather. I found him on the familysearch.org site. His name was Abel Aspinall and according to that site he was born in 1875 in Sutton, and was 6 at the time of the 1881 census. So today I went to the register office (who told me they were very busy), I filled a form in to apply for a copy birth certificate, did all the details I know- have mothers name but not fathers name. I had to leave the form there and the man rang me later to say he hadnt been able to find it. He said they were too busy to check a year either side, but he would say either he wasnt born in that year, or he wasnt born in Sutton. He suggested I check the GRO index at the library. (But I hate going to the local history library - you are never made to feel very welcome, just made to feel like a timewaster) I just wondered if anyone knows how accurate the census information on the net is, and if anyone has any other ideas or explanations why they couldnt find the birth certificate. Thanks

    O'Connor & Thompson

    By Bun,
    Here's another family I'm reserching at the moment:     Name: Michael Joseph O'Connor ---------------------------------------- Birth: 1862 Assylinn House?, Boyle, Co Roscommon, Ireland Death: June 6, 1933 Providence Hospital, St Helens, Lancs Occupation: Storekeeper at Iron Foundry Father: Charles O'Connor Marriage: April 10, 1893 St Josephs Church, Peasley Cross, St Helens, Lancs ---------------------------------------- Spouse: Mary Emily Thompson ---------------------------------------- Birth: June 16, 1874 Harborne Lane, Harborne, Smethwick, Stafford. Death: August 25, 1948 St Helens, Lancs2 Occupation: Spinster Father: Richard Thompson (1845-) Mother: Maria Kelly (1844-)   Children: ---------------------------------------- 1 F: Mary O'Connor Birth: June 8, 1895 ---------------------------------------- 2 F: Margaret O'Connor Birth: December 3, 1899 ---------------------------------------- 3 M: John Charles O'Connor Birth: March 14, 1906 35 Carter St, St Helens, Lancs Spouse: Lily Chorley Marriage: December 28, 1933 Holy Cross Church, St Helens ---------------------------------------- 4 M: James O'Connor ---------------------------------------- 5 F: Bridget O'Connor Spouse: ? Sutcliffe ---------------------------------------- 6 F: Anne O'Connor ---------------------------------------- 7 F: Jane O'Connor Spouse: ? Potter

    Toole (O'Toole) Family Tree

    By Tedtoole,
    Hello St. Helens, I am looking (searching) for the Family of Edward Toole (My Grandfather) I found Edward on the BMD It had Liverpool as the Register I sent to Liverpool and they said those records where in the Prescott Register. So i sent to Prescott and they in turn sent me to Knowsley who said they did not have the birth records they were in St Helens. St. helens did not take checks or credit cards so now I am at the GRO waiting for there reply. what I do have is . Edward Toole B. Newry, County Armagh August 15, 1844 Married Mary Burn (Byrne) in England, Abt. 1865 Children are : Patrick born in June 1866 Owen Born in March 1868 Bridget Born in August 1870 and Edward born in March 1872 (My Grandfather) BIRTHS MARCH 1872 SURNAME GIVEN NAME DISTRICT VOLUME PAGE TOOLE EDWARD PRESCOTT 8b 644 St. Helens Register 94 Entry 204 Edward Sr. came to the states in 1873 and Mary (Burns) and the children came in 1874 Boston Massachusetts. Yours, Edward O'Toole

    Davies, Langton, Orme & Morris families

    By Dane,
    Researching the above families for all years. Any info on any of the families would be gratefully received. William Edward Davies from Nth Wales married Margaret Langton, St. Helens. William Langton married Martha Orme, St.Helens.

    GenesReunited (was Connected)

    By Dave,
    http://www.genesconnected.co.uk/   Helen put me onto this site last night. At first I didn't think it was a particularly good idea, but, after trying it, I've got to admit that it has potential. As with Friends Reunited (it's run by the same people), you can participate for free, but to be able to contact someone who you think might share your tree you've got to pay a fiver. The fiver lasts for a year, and I think it's going to be worth it as more people join.   There are a few things that put a sprig of doubt on the affair though. First of all, you're supposed to be able to upload your GedCom file. When I tried it didn't work - but then I have 1444 individuals in my gedcom, so it might not have been able to handle so many. Another thing I found a tad annoying was that although you can put an 'about' date for a birth, you aren't allowed to do the same for a death - and marriage dates are just not supported! If you know who a particular person's parents were, but if you don't have a birth year - you aren't allowed to enter them. I suppose my biggest criticism about this system is that there is no way of knowing if somebody's genealogy is based on guesswork, fantasy, or both!   Having said all that though, I think the fiver is well spent. The database is fast (especially when handling the payment!) and there are some really nice graphical represtentations of your family tree - once you've put some people in it. I have already contacted two people whose trees suggest we might have links. Don't forget, you can do it for free and leave it for others to contact you. The temptation though, when you see possible matches, is a bit too much to resist!   Tell us your experience with GenesConnected.


    By jill,
    May I use the forum to thank Christina for her work on the St Nicholas database.It made the discovery of my ancestors in Sutton easy.My gggrandparents baptised most of their children there.

    Help needed

    Guest warrior
    By Guest warrior,
    Could anyone please help with my dilemma? My greatgrandmother Mary Ellen Eden was born circa 1872. On the 1891 census she is married to Henry Webb and her place of birth is given as Haydock. I purchased Henry and Mary Ellens marriage certificate from Wigan RO as they married in Ashton in Makerfield, hopeing to find her fathers name but the father is not named and Mary Ellen has signed her name as Edden not Eden!!!!? I have tried St Helens RO for Mary Ellens Birth certificate but they haven't got it so, i decided to try Wigan because i believe some parts of Haydock would come under Wigan but, to no avail. I have also looked on the free BMD and found one that matches but born in Prescott, would Prescott not come under St Helens? I have looked on the 1881 census for her, there are a couple of matches but the one that jumps out at me is one born C 1872 in St Helens but living at Pickley Green Westleigh, i think i have convinced myself that this is the one because on Mary Ellens marriage certificate the witnesses are a Sarah A McDermott and James McDermott, the one i have in Pickley Green had a sister Sarah Ann and i have just noticed that on the 1891 census they are all living in the same house, do you think this is coincidence? I would be grateful of any help especially about where i could purchase a birth certificate for her or any advice. Thanks Karen

    Irish Ancestors

    By splus,
    Does anyone know where you go when you get stuck in Ireland? I've got relations who came from there (as I'm sure have many others). They were born c 1829, I think in Leitrim but I can't find any mention of the surname and I can't find my way around the Leitrim ans Rhoscommon website.

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