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    By mrgsteele,
    Hi everyone, I am trying to work backwards and knock down a brick wall. My Great Grandmother married a man named Joseph Hewitt in Melbourne, Australia in 1914. So far I have been able to find out this much about him: He went by the name Joseph John Hewitt or Joseph Henry Hewitt He was born in St Helens, Lancashire on 4 January 1890 He was baptised at 89 Lyon Street, St Helens on 14 January 1890. This seems to be his grandparent's place. His parents were Will

    Talk to Steve 7th October 2019

    Terence Price
    By Terence Price,
    Our Metro Mayor did an event at Carmel College where people could ask him questions, I managed to get in a question about the Possibility of a Railway Station at Carr Mill. The Event was live Streamed which can be found here https://www.facebook.com/SteveRotheram/videos/2366261897036199/


    By Robbob2010,
    Morgan on Fingerpost and VW Beetle on yard,not for scrap though.   Morgan's hand built British sports car. by Robbob2010, on Flickr   Morgan's hand built British sports car. by Robbob2010, on Flickr   Now the VW Beetle is 1970,year i was born...better condition than me 😉 The Lady came on the yard to see Ste the Manager but he wasn't in.   VW Beetle 1970. by Robbob2010, on Flickr   VW Beetle 1970. by Robbob2010, on Flickr   VW Beetl

    Abattoir - 1960s - The Reporter - Old photos

    By DEM,
    Hello, I'm trying to find a photo of my Granddad, Bert Turner, which was featured in The Reporter in the early 1960s. He worked at the abattoir in the town centre- I believe the location at the time is now where Halifax is/the back of Church Street. The photo showed my Granddad chasing an escaped bull/cow down the road. Mum's side of the family swear they've seen it online somewhere but I've had no luck at all. Really hoping someone on here can help! He's not long passed and I just want to see o

    ANCESTRY, Members Connect

    By woodsman,
    Has anyone used this section of Ancestry and did they find it useful?

    HMCTS Wills

    By Dave,
    It's a bit of a joke, isn't it? Well, it is for me. You're supposed to be able to search for wills and order them for £1.50 each. Then they supposedly give you a link within 10 working days and you have 31 days to download the wills that you ordered. The first one I ordered was on the 13th of August *. It hadn't materialised by the beginning of September* so I wrote to complain. I received a reply on the 5th of September* which said that they're very busy but that they'll eventually ge

    Political party posters in front-room window

    By Alan,
    Anyone remember when in the week leading up to polling day many St Helens residents would stick a small party poster in their front window advertising their preferred political party? In Harris Street they were mainly Labour and Tory in Dentons Green Lane I think if you did it now, you'd be asking for a brick through the window

    Shaw Street Signal Box

    By Billychris,
    My railway enthusiast friend showed me this picture. It is of a Shaw Street signal box in 1971. The line at the back is towards Sutton Oak. I presume the one in front is the one to Liverpool. In the background you can see the backs of the advertising hoardings . The gas holder (demolished 6 years ago) and the sign for Todd Brothers which is now where Matalan stands. P.S.   I hope the image is large enough . It takes me ages to resize to acceptable size for forum . Is there a q

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