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    Homeless Hub launches in former Larkins

    By Robbob2010,
    I couldn't do the words at the moment any better than this below...   http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/16389268.gallery-homeless-hub-launches-in-former-larkins/   Teardrops the Hub on Crab St,St.helens. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Teardrops the Hub on Crab St,St.helens. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Teardrops the Hub on Crab St,St.helens. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Teardrops the Hub on Crab St,St.helens. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Teardrops the Hub on Crab St,St.helens. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr     I was late and only got these on my phone but did i meet 'Drunk Wolf'. He's sober and i can't reveal his identity .   Thanks for the invite Becky.   

    Cant believe its been up for sale and now SOLD!!!

    non sibi sed omnibus
    By non sibi sed omnibus,
    Robbob,just passed the best shop in town for left handed hammers,screwdrivers saws etc!battery driven radios,mangles etc etc. Yep the one on corner of crab st and north road.What will we do now?  

    No Bloody Moon

    By Robbob2010,
    A friend and i went up friday night but got battered by rain,not too much compared to here.I was getting texts saying it was bad below. The highlight of the evening was a woman with a Doberman Pinscher who breeds them...I told her it reminded me of Magnum P.I. in the 80's,there was 2 dogs one was named Apollo and the other Zeus. Anyway no Blood Moon and i just got a quick capture of the Mersey Gateway Bridge in between rain.     Lonely Tree in the Cornfield by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   People coming to see the Blood Moon on Billinge by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Waiting for the Blood Moon by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Doberman Pinscher on Billinge by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   From Billinge to the Mersey Gateway Bridge by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Couple of photographers waiting for the Blood Moon...and Roy Cropper with his bag by Robbob 2010, on Flickr  

    Parr Swimming Pool windows

    By Robbob2010,
    I hated baths at school. I used to go to Sutton Nash,now called Sutton Oak in Goodban St,Sutton.When we got off the coach we used to run round to LOOK how many was in at the time. Now it's blurry with the glass and plastic over the windows( i think...too scared to look now )  How things change eh ..i do remember people stood there looking through the windows but mostly men.   Parr Swimming Pool by Robbob 2010, on Flickr    

    Anne Osborne .nee tootle..Seddon street

    By Angelfire666,
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone remembered my Nan who lived at 23 seddon street, next door to the bookies. her name was Anne Osborne nee tootle and sadly passed away in 2000

    Back to st.helens after 17 years

    By Angelfire666,
    I recently moved back to st.helens after 17 years away and while it’s good to be back so much has changed, and not all for the better. One of the most noticeable and things that are bothering me most is the amount of rubbish and fly tipping in and around ravenhead road/elm road and ravenhead greenway. My youngest and myself love exploring and the greenway is a nice place to walk but the amount of rubbish that’s dumped and empty beer cans is ridiculous. i was also a bit shocked at how pilks lake/Alexandra business park has been let go as I spent so many days out here with my Nan when the glass museum was situated here and loved it. I'm looking forward to taking him to all the places my Nan used to take me when I was younger such as the chantry in Sthelens cemetery, crank caverns, carmill damm etc Also does anyone know if the rock/quarry garden in Taylor park will ever be opened again?

    Windle Crossing Roadworks.

    By HORT,
    Here is an article in the Star about more road works at Windle "Island" It is not an island and the crossing was "improved" some years ago resulting in the crossing being worse than it was before. Then they did the same at Haydock Island, and Guess what? After millions of pounds spent, the Haydock Island was worse than before. So can we expect the same at Windle? That is even worse than the last so called "improvement"   http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/16383308.revealed-amended-start-date-for-7m-windle-island-improvement-scheme/?ref=rss

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    By woodsman,
    Would prefer private, any thoughts or advice would be welcome.

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