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    path from ship inn to carr mill

    non sibi sed omnibus
    By non sibi sed omnibus,
    Some years ago we regularly took this path. On the way there was a disused cottage.The path was rather overgrown and did flood at times. I seem to remember bluebells all round thst area. Ive never been down that route now for many years. Wonder is this route been done as a Ranger walk?

    Paddy's Ackle

    By jowen,
    My grandad used to take me for a walk down Delta Rd over the fields. On the left hand side of the Field there was a huge pond which used to ice over in the winter and people used to skate on it.  I was told that a few people had been drowned in this pond because of the ice giving way! does anyone know if this area was called Paddy's Ackle?  We then continued onto the little stone bridge over the Stinky Brook and over the field to the Ship Inn , along the side of the stream to Carr Mill. There was a Big stone in this stream. Grandad used to tell me that it was the fairy stone and every night the fairies would turn it over! On  other occasions I would be taken on the same route by my father but after we had crossed over the stone bridge we would turn left along the side of the brook (I was allway's scared in case a rat came out of the brook) under a little stone bridge and up some steps onto Boardmans lane and then  cross over another small field onto Park Rd where I went to Brookfield Mission Sunday School ( fondly known as the Tin Hut) because of it's construction. We used to play for hours in the fields at the bottom of Delta Rd, making daisy chains and picking buttercups.  Happy Days!    


    By terry8207,
    Cat's Tail Hall is shown on the 1840s Ordnance Survey map, at the top end of the field on what is now Lorton Avenue, Moss Bank. It is shown demolished when the 1880s OS map is published. I have searched all the obvious records for info on this building (Internet, Baines history of The Duchy of Lancaster, Gerard family records, local newspapers), but can find nothing. Can anyone refer me to alternative sources of research. Terry

    Lancashire Census

    By thyme,
    Is anyone researching their family history in Lancashire. I have boxed CDs of 1841,1851,1861,1871,1891,1901 which I have finished with, if you are interested please pm me

    May 2019 Timetable Change (Railway)

    Terence Price
    By Terence Price,
    As some people might be aware in May the Liverpool - Glasgow Service is due to start and will operate 3 times a day, From Press Releases it was understood all 3 would also stop at St Helens Central, Having seen the Timetable for May only 1 will stop at 12:32 along with a service only going to Oxenholme at 20:28, Seems once again St Helens is being bypassed Despite Passenger numbers at St Helens Central on the rise. 

    Argos store to close

    By HORT,
    Argos in Town is to close later this month. Another one bites the dust in Town Centre. https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/17333991.closure-date-of-argos-at-hardshaw-centre-confirmed/?ref=rss  

    Pennington Flash 2019

    By Robbob2010,
    An absolutely packed car park on the 1st day of 2019. Myself and a friend had to drive around for a spot along with others,i've never seen it that busy...people was glad the festive season was over and to get out in the fresh air.   Pennington Flash by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Black-headed gull in winter plumage by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Oyster Catcher by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Pennington Flash by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Pennington Flash by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Flock of Lapwings by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Into the sun by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Heron fishing by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   Male Teal by Robbob 2010, on Flickr   End of the day at Pennington Flash by Robbob 2010, on Flickr        

    Bold Colliery

    By Billychris,
    When passing what looks like a bricked up doorway just under bridge at Junction Station a friend told me that there used to be a colliery  railway that took the miners from just southeast of the Junction station to the pit and that this was the entrance for the miners .  Is he correct ? Have uploaded photo from Google maps.

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