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    Council propose earmarking £3.6 million for Gamble building regeneration WWW.STHELENSSTAR.CO.UK THE historic Gamble building is set to be restored after council budget papers proposed earmarking £3.6m for its regeneration over the next two…
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    Just received a query from a person on Ancestry asking about my Grandparents. It turns out that she is the granddaughter of my cousin who emigrated to the USA just after WW2.
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    Remember the 2 houses between the Council yard and on Peasley Cross Lane? Gone... Thats magic! Houses/offices gone on Peasley Cross Ln by Robbob2010, on Flickr
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    Never assume you can't have a relative of another colour, race or creed. I've had some strange experiences with people who've said things like, all our family are white/black/christian/muslim etc; sometimes I've had to tell them otherwise
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    You can waste time contacting people letting them know how you've figured out that you're related to them and they come back with "I'll have a look when I've got a minute." One did that to me in the middle of last year and after about six months I asked if they'd had a minute yet. The reply to that one was similarly short and uninteresting. One of the worst instances was to do with a bunch of people (and I mean quite a big bunch) of DNA matches out in Utah - like the mecca of genealogy and there was one woman who was 'managing' quite a few of those matches. It was somewhere on my dad's side but the match must come from way back. None of the trees went back very far (if they had trees at all), but I thought that she must be keen if she's managing so many kits. But she has an unlinked tree with 24 people in it and she said "I'm really not very good with the ancestry thing. I have relatives that have researched into the family tree. I'll have to start getting into it if life slows down. I live in Utah and have never been to Europe. Would love to visit someday!" I bet that she'll never get around to it.
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    I think in future I shall take the line of not sending any messages as it does seem to be a pointless exerciese and if anyone wishes to contact me, fair enough, I shall reply.
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    Digitising Glass Plate Negatives | St Helens Through The Lens STHELENSLENS.WORDPRESS.COM Before the widespread use of photographic film, glass was used as a medium in photography. Thin glass plate was coated on one side with a... Says on above link... "A team of dedicated volunteers are currently sorting, describing and cataloguing the collection. When completed, the catalogue will be fully searchable with selected images and published online here. The glass plates will be sorted and rehoused into new archival standard enclosures and boxes suitable for long term preservation." http://calmview.sthelens.gov.uk/calmview/Overview.aspx
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    Reckon it would be a good idea if Ancestry was to introduce some system which would allow you to see how many messages an individual replied to. At least you would then be able to judge if it is worth contacting them.l
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    The percentages are always being redefined - and the estimates of the different companies can differ wildly.
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    I undertook a DNA test through Ancestry and discovered I am more 'Celtic' than Anglo SAxon. 20% Scots, 20% Welsh, 10% IRISH , 5% Scandinavian. A good job my team up here is Glasgow Celtic.
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    I've seen all sorts of reasons posted by the defenders of the private trees. One of them is that they don't like people 'stealing' their information or pictures. "Go and do your own research", they cry - while nicking any information and pictures that they want from the public trees. added 8 minutes later @Tony J I'd only read your post after ^ that'd gone on. It is true that there are quite a few people who just copy and it is annoying. That's why I advocate some kind of rating/reputation system for trees. There are some shocking trees on there - if they have dates then they have no places, or the other way around, or neither. No sources or anything. A bane. added 19 minutes later I started writing this a while ago, meaning to expand on it. Rules for armchair genealogy Things you should and shouldn't do if you have a public tree on one of the genealogy sites. Always use the maiden name of a female ancestor or relative. If you don't have their maiden name then just use the first name(s) until you find out what it was. Always use the location fields - particularly for birth and death. Other locations will follow, like marriage(s) and census years, etc. Gather as much information as you can, adding as many sources as are available (so long as they're correct). Never copy entries with no sources. If you need to copy, gather the sources and check them to make sure that whoever you're copying isn't just making it up. It might be that they've copied from someone else who had made it all up. Don't take hints for granted and when you find quite a few trees with the same information do not assume that it is correct. Thoroughly investigate any sources attached to the people in such trees. Think up things to add.
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    My tree is open. I figure if I'm hoping to find family then there's no point in hiding anything? It's hard enough finding reliable connections without handicapping myself
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    There is some stuff on e-bay for sale at the moment that I stumbled across.
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    My tree is marked as private, but it does not stop people asking for information. Also, you can open the tree to the people you would like to see it.
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    Agreed, I have sent many messages to people with whom Ancestry inform me I have a direct connection. I rarely receive a reply and wonder why people bother in joining Ancestry unless they are prepared to participate. Tony Beaman
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    I try to reply to Ancestry messages, out of common decency. If I cannot answer the questions raised, I will say so.
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