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    Look forward to seeing them when you are feeling up to the task. I don't know a lot about your circumstances but I am aware that you have been going through a bad patch. It is lovely to see you back on here. Your photos have been missed. As to the Gamble. I think you are right, it is up for sale, or at least part of it, on the NHS Properties (prop co) site that I shared. It is very sad. I have lots of happy memories of my short time there. Hope the weekend goes well for you, Robbob.
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    Fascinating Hort. Do you think someone got married? It could be a modern take on the old apple pie bed, confetti in suitcases or old boots fastened to the back of a car. Is the Gerard a wedding venue? I know it is possible to buy that blue and white tape fairly easily. How am I doing for a good conspiracy theory? 🙂
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    The bonk is the wasteland that runs between Sutton Road and the Fleet Lane end of Parr. After big plans for it in the 90's that went nowhere, it's finally been levelled off and treated for contamination. Building starts this year. Plans for up to 900 houses. Where's the plans for more schools, GP's, road planning etc?
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    Flats apparently. Former Primrose pub on Park Rd. by Robbob2010, on Flickr Former Primrose pub on Park Rd. by Robbob2010, on Flickr
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    This was today outside The Gerard. I have never seen a car with police notices on saying the likes of crime scene and do not cross. Anyone know what happened?
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    Thank you Robbob, I have enjoyed looking at those photos. The last time I was in town must have been around the millennium when we were visiting relatives. Lovely to see the Gamble. Has it been given a clean? The brick looks brighter than I remember. Great photography.
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    If you type in search 'The Bonk' there is pictures on here if you haven't seen them. It's a big piece of land. Ps... Always seen glue snifers on there... I used to wheelspin my motorbike back wheel over them with gravel 😀
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    Exactly! Thanks once again Ratty. I appreciate your help.
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    That's an old haunt for me from the 80's,with my off road motorbikes,you must remember the Banana Chute Saint Jeff.
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    Thanks Ratty. I'm back up in St Helens later on this year so will visit. Hopefully the church will be open as it would be interesting to see the inside. Could I ask if you could check two more relatives for me. Thomas Smith 1848-?and Elizabeth Smith 1849-? They are my great great grandparents who I also think are buried at St James'. Unfortunately I don't have a year of death for either as yet
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    Wow Ratty, that is an amazing amount of information. Thank you so much. I have a lot of relatives buried in St Helens Cemetery who, with the correct information are reasonably easy to research . The information from burials in graveyards proves more difficult to access. I will definetely have to make a trip to the churchyard next time I'm in St Helens. Thanks again. You've made my day.
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    Happy Birthday to Polly on her 105th Birthday. I met Polly a few times as she is related to a current and a former work colleague. https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/18178544.105-year-old-claims-secret-long-life-full-fat-cream-butter-whisky/ Good on her!
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    Happy birthday Polly. I hope that you have had a wonderful day. Xxx
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