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  1. Yes I do. Right behind the Savoy, it extended to behind the Nelson pub. and consisted mostly of a few tables and stalls put up and taken down every evening. 'Dave' of Market fame who was well-known for his bargains had his van on there for awhile.
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  2. Do you remember a more informal market area behind the Savoy cinema on some waste land? As I remember it, you went down a sort of alleyway next to the Savoy and the market area was there almost overlooking the Hotties
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  3. Yes it is, between the Victoria pub and the old Market Hall. I so remember that area from shopping with Mum on the old market stalls
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  4. I have been looking on there but it’s making sure i have the correct family. William Gore (Lyon) grandson is a 2nd DNA cousin with me, also he shares a match with my cousins on my fathers side. But also a low DNA on my maternal side. Yet looking at all the information it’s all linked to my mothers side! it will be this weekends project on finding the link. thank you for your help, it’s given me some leads. Sometimes it just needs another pair of eyes.
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