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  1. I agree too - and I am a long time member of Find my Past, but I'm not sure my nerves could handle more revelations about those gone before me. I don't seem to have many 'normal' people in my tree - ex cons', drunks, deserting husbands and fathers, nutters anonymous really going back to the 1600's. My own Mum - one of a long line of stubborn, pig-headed indomitable Gerrard women (and yes, now me, my daughter and granddaughter are the same line) would argue with herself in a phone box and God help you if you crossed her more than once. My Nan - she rushed in from 'the pictures' in the early 50's straight through the house in Boundary Road to the outside netty and got stuck to the seat my Uncle Bill had varnished while she was out - it hadn't dried. He went on holiday for a week after that. And then there was the priest she whacked with her brolly when he tried to accuse my Mum of not being married because she hadn't 'converted'. The list goes on and on so I'm not going to look back into the past to 1921 for a while yet........
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  3. Haydock Police Station 1955 1950 Fingerpost/Park Road Westfield Street
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  4. Another batch.............
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  5. Frank, Sorry to hear about your relatives. Here's one of Talbot Street... Talbot Street, St Helens, c1969 - St Helens Community Archive: celebrating local heritage WWW.STHELENSCOMMUNITYARCHIVE.ORG.UK Talbot Street, St Helens, c1969 And an old thread about the Bombings.
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  6. A few more.............. Albion Street 1982
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