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    Hi Carebare, I am connected through William Critchley and Martha Pusill's daughter Martha born 1828 Sutton (sister of your Samuel) who married Cuthbert Forster Henderson born 1827 Warrington, His family came from Sunderland. They had a daughter Margaret Henderson born 1858 Windle who married Thomas Dumbill born 1859 Windle. Their daughter Margaret Dumbill born 1886 St Helens married Robert Arnold 1884 St Helens and they had my grandfather, my dads dad, Walter Arnold born 1915. The burials at St Helens Parish church were cleared to a mass grave in St Helens municipal crematorium which are supposed to be included in the records here St.Helens Council CREM.OLTPS.STHELENS.GOV.UK William's wife was buried from Parish church, but is not in those records, they lived at Taylors Row, Moss Nook then, (the outer edge of Parr) but perhaps the grave is elsewhere perhaps with her birth family. I think that William must have moved to his sons house in Ravenhead after her death and was buried from Whiston Workouse which was an Infirmary for the elderly then. I wanted to search Ravenhead St Johns burial records to make sure he wasn't there but I am unable to search the Archives due to Covid restrictions. I will send for that Whiston death cert one day soon when I have some spare cash if I don't find a burial. If children died under 1 year of age they are always entered as age 0 on the GRO, sometimes incorrectly, so are children under 18 in my experience.
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    John and Alice married 1896 Sept (have original cert) Samuel Critchley born 26th Nov, 1896 (🙄🤔🤣), premature birth died 2 days old Joseph Parr Critchley 1898 - 1916 (died of TB, have cert) Alice Critchley 1899. Based on grave info, died 5 weeks old. Peter Critchley 1901 again based on grave details it states 0 months (he's the next cert to get) Alice Critchley 1903 details say 12 days old John Critchley 1907. Details say 0 months but when I found him earlier it said he was born in 06 so will confirm once have cert And finally Arthur John Critchley 1915 -1987 X
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