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    Think it is highly debatable that politics has moved on, some might suggest it has slipped into a quagmire of greed and self seeking egos. But we wont debate it here Alan as I know we would have opposing views and this little bit is about BJLs excellent informative post, as I mentioned earlier, tis probably I living in the past [which often seemed a materially poorer time but a more honest and moral time]
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    I apologise. I wrongly thought that you meant that you had been doing the testing.
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    My neck of the woods there Rob. Been a lot going on over the bonk lately,testing the ground for chemicals from what I've heard. I love going over there for a walk.
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    We at Sutton Nash junior school used to use Sutton library to do our homework,do research and learn how to look things up but now you just ask Google. Hey,we had some giggles in there only when a certain woman was on,she was very strict and a proper miserable with a face like a slapped arse....hey i hope it's no one's family member on here Today... This shop below was in the Star i think when it used to be a newsagents and the owner fought the thief off with a brush,i'm sure. Hammond St,Parr. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Hammond St,Parr. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Sutton Brook Greenway off Gaskell St,Parr by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Sutton Brook Greenway off Gaskell St,Parr by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Used to go over here in the early 80's on my motorbikes,again happy days but its just tree's now,oh and also see the odd glue sniffer then. The Bonk by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Railings over the brook on The Bonk by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Former Bowling Green Inn on right,Watery Lane,Sutton. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Former Beehive Inn,Watery Lane,Sutton. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr The Bars on Watery Lane,Sutton. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Former Ashtons Coaches,Watery Lane,Sutton. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Some more to post.
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    When passing what looks like a bricked up doorway just under bridge at Junction Station a friend told me that there used to be a colliery railway that took the miners from just southeast of the Junction station to the pit and that this was the entrance for the miners . Is he correct ? Have uploaded photo from Google maps.
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    Taken before... Helena Road,Sutton. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Helena Road,Sutton. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr Helena Road,Sutton. by Robbob 2010, on Flickr As i was saying before as kids we used to climb up on the left of the wall into the apple orchard...there was a wooden fence similar to the one there too. Helena Road,Sutton by Robbob 2010, on Flickr
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    Bit of a change when my dad was fhere as a shotfirer and deputy- All the bus stands and the apprentices with their white helmets. One sad tale at Christmas was that a lad who worked under dad had collected his bumper pay packet,wages, coal money etc. Was running for the bus .It appears he slid the paypacket inside or what he hought was inside his coat .But when he got on bus it wasnt inside. I dont think it was given to him. Hope they hipped in to help.
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    I'm passing that way after @Billychris so ill get you some pictures. We as kids as i was brought up in Junction Lane used to climb that wall to the left of the bricked up doorway where you can see the metal fence. There used to be apple trees there. I've often thought if one of us fell off we would of landed straight on the road. I have seen those bricks as far as i remember but thought nothing of it.
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    Yes, Phyll, thanks from me too. I thought I knew Helena road well. We live and learn!
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    Well done Phyll ! Looks like he was correct . I'll print that map off for him . Big thanks for the info . added 18 minutes later Phyll , have had a good look at the map .The tramway for the miners (from Helena Road) appears to start just past the bridge .. ie. where the bricked up area is in the photo .. fairly certain my friend was correct . By the way , it was his mother many years ago who had told him about the tramway.
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    My memory of that area goes back to the 1940s as my grandparents lived in Lionel Street just a few yards away and this is the first time that I've heard that story. However, I suggest you contact Stephen Wainwright and ask him, see https://www.suttonbeauty.org.uk/
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