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  3. I had a paper round for Wilf Young's father in the 1950's. He was a bit of a misery and us kids referred to him as Jasper. We had three chip shops in the Green when I was a child late 40's early 50's) Stan Latham on Greenfield Road, Cannings and another one(wracking my brain to remember the name- remembered it was KNowles- he famously forgot to post a football coupon which would have won £75,000) THE two butchers during my time were Holdens and here we go again- will come to me eventually. There was only the one newspaper shop on Greenfield Road- at least at the top end in the early 50's and that was ran by Jim Kendall- his son Norman was a good friend of mine as a teenager- now a retired dentist. I think the newsagent you refer to was originally a pie shop and only became a newsagent in the mid to late fifties - Bogle and Lockhart rings a bell. Yep It was a Mr Knowles who had the chip shop at the top of Windleshaw Road. We knew him as the galosher man as he wore PT pumps. I understand that Moggie's Entry was called after someone called Morris- so my aunt told me who lived in GReenfield Road from 1915-40.
  4. That is not the 1891 OS map. You can view it on the link below. When it opens just click on the x upper right hand side the white notice will disappear showing the OS map surveyed 1890 to 1891 Use mouse scroll button to zoom in. https://maps.nls.uk/view/101103971
  5. So this is what it's like waking up early!

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  7. Even more puzzling!. The only one shown on the 1891 map was the one I described. The wording of the Wiki leaves open the possibility that although a station opened in 1871, the specific location changed.
  8. The one that is there now is said to have been there since 1871.
  9. I bought a copy of the 1891 map of Thatto Heath from Francis Friths'. I'm amazed to see that the station is shown in a different location to the one we all know. It depicts it on on the land between Elephant Lane, Thatto Heath Road road bridge, Leicester Street and the old Step Bridge. In other words, it appears to have been on the Nutgrove side of the road bridge and directly opposite the library across the railway tracks. It's heavily hatched on the map but despite that, the words 'Thatto Heath Station can be clearly made out. The map is easily found via a Google Search and it's quite visible. I cannot find an earlier map. My father worked on the (existing) station from about 1927 and he never said anything about it having been re-located. Has anybody any information? I've attached a titivated version with a slightly clearer image.
  10. Last week
  11. Well Hell! All done and dusted - Hallelujah!

  12. "In 1956, construction work in the vicinity of Bridge Street / Church Street in the town centre unearthed remains of grain pounders and two ancient wells, dating back several centuries." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_St_Helens,_Merseyside "One of the oldest streets in the town centre, Bridge Street most likely took its name from the bridge at the west end which once crossed the Windle-Eccleston brook (which fed into the canal system)." https://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/doc.php?showstreet=39&extra=cenhelp
  13. “To me, clowns aren’t funny. in fact, they’re kinda scary. I’ve wondered where this started, and I think it goes back to the time that I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad.”

  14. This plaque is over the Nelson pub,it may help to date Bridge st.
  15. It is now AE Holland monumental masons, corner of Rivington Rd and Greenfield Rd. I have a cast iron frying pan and white opal lampshade my nana bought from Whitesides in the 1930's https://www.google.com/maps/@53.459658,-2.7530413,3a,60y,241.96h,89.05t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYPW6GJzPUrZuwlUAGzvg4w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  16. I was chuffed at Saints loss in London. Two reasons: They needed to taste a defeat before results really matter. I think the survival of a team in London is vitally important for the game's image
  17. Plenty on the Royal Edward in SHROH as well. Good luck.
  18. Yes, two hopefully. Both concern 3rd WLFA. One is about men on HMT Royal Edward when it was sunk. The other is a history of the unit 1908 to 1922.
  19. Hi Dave, couple of grave photos sent to Connect email re SHROH. Still can't get on from laptop, have to disable Virgin wifi on phone to get on, not ideal 😞 Ste M
  20. Ste, thanks for that, I hadn't realised that you could search the gallery for RAMC. Nice one of 4/3 WLFA football team. cheers Dave
  21. Yes I spotted the sign; what amazed me most was the dirty unkempt appearance of the back of the Tyrer building. The upper floor windows hadn't been cleaned in months. There were commercial waste bins and a few drunks rooting through them emptying bags of old clothing all over the roadway. Two were asleep behind the bins. I saw the publicity for the exclusive apartments when it was announced but the current scenes looks like something out of an inner city slum area
  22. Our version was a running jump at pantry door and a bite o' t'knob
  23. At the back of the shop there is a clothing alteration unit.Stich in Time The shop is like a modern Open all Hours set up.
  24. It's very dark inside with the usual mountains of kitchen rolls, cleaning supplies, plastic flowers etc; all the original shelving has gone and stuff is mostly piled on the floor with a till point at one end. There was a group of Asian men loading supplies from a van parked outside today and they appeared typical of the usual sort of men who run corner shops all over the UK. Nothing particularly bad, nothing particularly good - just your usual sort of shop selling low priced household supplies. Tyrers used to be at the bottom of Liverpool Rd. in the 50's on the corner as the road curved into Liverpool Rd. then it moved to the corner of Bridge St. and Milk St. facing the citadel (where you could cut through to St Helens college.) This is the building we are talking about today which was supposed to be excusive modern rental apartments but looking at it today the bottom floor looks like a cheap bazaar and the upper floors don't appear to have had even a clean yet the new name - Nicholson Lofts was clear to see from the car park I use at the back
  25. Two slurs up pantry door and one down ! ( no frigging Idea what that meant ? )
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