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Name Interests forum

Names in St Helens or Prescot

Name Interests

If you post in this forum, please begin your topic title with the SURNAME that you are interested in - preferably in CAPITALS.

This is a genealogy forum, so if you have queries about living people in the area please use the
Contacts forum.

Please note. We have reverted the topics so that they are shown by the last post made. You can sort the names alphabetically using the order tools at the bottom of the forum's index.

The names that you post about must have some connection with St Helens.

If you want to start a topic that isn't necessarily about a particular surname, but your query is related to St Helens please post in St Helens Genealogy Discussion. If it is about genealogy in general, please post in General Genealogy. Thanks.

Genealogy resources


  1. St Helens Name Interests List   (73,821 visits to this link)

    The St Helens Connect Name Interests list.

    Including Prescot

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