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  2. @Alan i'm actually on my way back from there doing pictures. I've been so busy but ill fit them in for morning in photo forum.Taking a break right now sat on bench behind Ship Inn Blackbrook and it's pitch black.
  3. Alan , as someone who had to survive time and motion examination many years ago. I must strongly take you to task!!! 1 size of car. 2.equipment used. 3.husband washed it 4 wife washed it 5 teenage son or daughter washed it. 6.mother in law washed it. Sadly when you make such wide of the mark utterances you must be admonished. FAKE FACTS FAKE FACTS Sorry got to stop cos it looks like someone has got her beady eyes on our unwashed car!!
  4. Washing your car is a 20 minute job, good exercise and therapeutic. Why pay someone a few quid to do it for you?
  5. Some good photos there,you will soon get used to it.
  6. Yesterday
  7. What s busy yard shaw street was in the 80s I remember the sidings there was always full of different kinds of wagons.
  8. I dont care what they do with that building as long as they dont knock it down ( that would be a shame )
  9. I've done various topics on this building over the years. Taken today but no one was there,i did speak to the manager last year sometime. I will have to have a nosey in the old house when i see them there. New Car Wash opening on Merton Bank Rd. by Robbob2010, on Flickr New Car Wash opening on Merton Bank Rd. by Robbob2010, on Flickr New Car Wash opening on Merton Bank Rd. by Robbob2010, on Flickr New Car Wash opening on Merton Bank Rd. by Robbob2010, on Flickr New Car Wash opening on Merton Bank Rd. by Robbob2010, on Flickr New Car Wash opening on Merton Bank Rd. by Robbob2010, on Flickr
  10. The Long Tailed Tits are pairing up Jeff,they always do this time of year. Goodluck with your new camera.
  11. Just a very quick shot of the sunset tonight. Taken from Atlas Salvage on Jackson St. Industrial sunset over uk 5 Feb 2019 by Robbob2010, on Flickr
  12. I really wasnt expecting them to loan to us or us to them.Do you think they should have reserve fixtures?Do you need a truck driver as a wigan roadie?
  13. Cheers Dig, it’s the first year I’ve seen the long tailed tits in our garden,, they come in flocks too.
  14. Wigan have got plenty of good players out on loan,dont forget Wigan under 19s are the reigning Grand Final winners .
  15. Good shots,last year I saw a flock of Waxwings in my garden,never seen them before.
  16. Last week
  17. I got a new camera for christmas off the missus and I've always been one for feeding the birds, especially in the winter so I've been getting used to the camera by getting some shots of them. didn't realise how hard it is to get a decent pic, they never stay still long enough, but I'm getting better as i get used to the camera. Here's a few ones I'm happy with up to now. I'm giving google photos a try so hopefully this post doesn't come out wrong. Blue Tit Blackbird Goldfinch Long Tailed Tits Looking forward to when it warms up a bit and i can sit out in the garden and get a bit closer to them.
  18. Never got the credit he so richly deserved. God bless and keep you Austin.
  19. Read about Amazon cancel HO2 IN NY. Makes me think about over here!!
  20. I once had a cassette tape of all my elder relatives speaking to me on my birthday. What a treasure. My brother taped over it with the Top 40 one weekend : ( They are all gone now and I would love to hear their voices again. I do have a tape of my two children chattering and singing when they were toddlers though and DVD of my daughter playing the violin. We have some cine film of family from the 60s too, one of them with me as a child at a family wedding.
  21. Hydroponics.Getting ready for when we travel to MARS.They appear to have found water.So no soil therefore hydroponics.Experts in cannabis farms to put ads for workers a boom for st.helens.This expertise to be xferred to NASA.We vould even be the new silicon valley?
  22. I read a suggestion that crops will be grown inside these monstrosities as it is more efficient than fields! The world is going mad
  23. Has anyone got any information about her or heard of Nanny Redhead? I looked on Google but nothing came up. I'm posting some pictures of the house of the infamous lady who used to frighten us with tales going around about her with a rifle at the window. As kids we used to walk down Hall Lane looking for conkers as kids did then,off Gorsey Lane(between Clock face and Bold) but as we used to get towards her house with the long Ivy all over it we used to go back. The only info i got is that in the 70's a family lived next door to us in Reginald Rd,Jean Redhead as i known her as and also worked in Sutton Corn Stores on Junction Lane. Jean Redhead was apparently i was told a relation,either sister or cousin of Nanny Readhead. If anyone remembers Jean Redhead she used to teach a parrot named Bimbo to swear and it did in the pet shop. Anyway Whalley Ashcroft the owner gave it to her...i heard it Any info of Nanny would be appreciated,i will post what i did.
  24. Hi Alan.I believe before planning agreed they were going to be higher!Amazon are not saying anything.Did you also notice the big one near the m6 and elr!Its going to be a pharma logistics thats moving from knowsley. Ive been wondeting how many farmers will offload more land post brexit?
  25. I was in St Helens today. I was shocked to see the size of a couple of new warehouse-type buildings that are being built on the eastern side of the A58 just before it joins the East Lancs Road as you approach it from the Ashton M6 junction. Are they for Amazon?
  26. Because we dont have reserve fixtures,some players are going out on loan. I wonder if Joe90 would like Wigan to take a few saints players who cant get a game on loan!!!!. Can you imagine him having to admit theyre GREAT!!
  27. Cleared, but there was very little in it.
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