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  2. When you read the cards and they are spot on accurate 

  3. Take me out tonight 
    Because I want to see people and I 
    Want to see life 

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  5. Have you seen this site? Excellent for locating and identifying railways all over the country - also links to canals. http://railmaponline.com/UKIEMap.php?fbclid=IwAR2aHnz2lIuHP0cfAq6DMvwNLwUmDuI-rKlLONSNdv25bGRpBoQzplL70lI
  6. Never seen a Police Box in years either
  7. 2 also corner of gaskell and hammond st.
  8. I'm afraid Crank Caverns has become a landfill site, the lower caverns are now piled up with waste, not the dirt and rubble as we've seen before but what looks like shredded black plastic mixed with dirt. The old shaft that was at the bottom of the woods has recently been filled in! Is there nothing that can be done to stop this tipping? It's ruining the area and the whole lot could potentially collapse! Shredded plastic? Is it legal to dump this stuff wherever? I've a few photos from mid March (2019) I'll try to upload later of the waste that's being dumped there. Also bumped into a guy walking his dog and we got talking about the place... I decided a long time ago I wouldn't post anything on here regarding the caverns without definitive proof to back it up given all the myths regarding the place, however I will share it as this is an interesting story! After asking if he knew where the mouse hole used to be, he immediately pointed to a spot, a fern in fact and told me that was where it used to be. During the 80's when he was a teen (I would have been a few years younger) he said he remembers watching trucks backing up to the edge of the caverns dumping dirt over the edge to cover an entrance down which many people had been stuck / lost and had to be rescued from. It was deemed dangerous and someone, I guess council or landowner had decided to dump truckloads of dirt over the edge from the field to cover it once and for all. There had been what he described as an old farmers gate fixed down over it but people kept getting in and getting stuck in there!
  9. Joe90-The injury showed is ankle the other way round! not nice to see!!The saints player SHOULDER CHARGED WIGAN PLAYER. AS PLAYER FELL HE GOT IN WAY.Stupid action but he WAS RIGHTLY SINBINNED.There were also some high tackles early on by Wigan rightly penalised and as such penalty count against wigan.Did you miss them ?
  10. familyman

    wigan v st.helens

    Player not tackled,(no hand on player when on floor), sin bin for shoulder charge.
  11. joe90

    wigan v st.helens

    On the Wigan forum it says Davies has done is Fibula and Tibia,and his foot is facing the other way,Shorrocks his neck is in a Brace,i never seen the Davies injury because some one knocked on the door,but i dont think they showed a replay because i was only at the door ten seconds,why did the Saints player jump on Shorrocks when he was flat out on the floor,then the ref gave him a sin bin with one and half minutes remaining.
  12. Alan

    wigan v st.helens

    What injuries did the two Wigan players sustain? Both looked quite serious
  13. I had asked quite a few lads about TOM.I really liked his attitude!. I have read about the way wigan tackle round the legs.Yep this stops the player.Some Cas players were injured after playing againdt them.Lam responded he couldnt see anything wrong in the way they tackle?. I did note the tackle that Tom was involved in was a bit"messy". Has anyone any comment about the apparent criticism of this tackling issue. Danny richardson a bitb slap happy with his range kicking.It gave them the on half time try and a later sloppy kivk gave them excellent position..
  14. joe90

    wigan v st.helens

    Too good for them on the day,i thought Wigan played okay the first twenty minutes but when Davies went off the team went off,Davies and Shorrocks both in Salford Hospital,Davies will not play again this season thats if he ever plays again.
  15. I recall two police houses on Windle Hall Drive estate. One on WHD other on Cartmel Avenue. PC's Hough and Pinder if memory serves.
  16. I was trying to remember the name of the pub i remember having a drink out of the RL challenge cup in there when a couple of saints players brought it in
  17. Last week
  18. Police houses,I remember two in the Carr Mill estate .C/Wood.
  19. Kids playing in the street. Games like Delallio, off-ground tick and tin-can bung-off
  20. You do not see the Magic Sponge anymore in RL games.
  21. Lovely day so had a walk around the Brickfields site next to Chester Lane. Beautiful , the old landfill site all been landscaped . Saw quite a few rabbits. A vast amount of land has been levelled. According to my Google search this is a housing development by Backhouse Developments. A site for 250 houses.
  22. Wonder if HORT and others has navigated the new layout.Give it a few days.As there is no middle bit.Some wag cutting across instead of circumnavigating it!CRASH BANG WALLOP!!
  23. remember that as cotham arms. When we had the IRA bomb messages in town hall.We used that as a safe zone.Sadly some irate ratepayers spotted us sitting in drinking .ALL ON EXPENSES OF COURSE?
  24. What a Surprise! Fire that ripped through derelict pub The Green Dragon being treated as 'suspected arson' https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/17579506.fire-that-ripped-through-derelict-pub-the-green-dragon-being-treated-as-suspected-arson/?ref=mrb&lp=18
  25. Few more updated yesterday. Gamble building,Victoria Square. by Robbob2010, on Flickr Gamble building,Victoria Square. by Robbob2010, on Flickr I'm not sure if this is listed below. For Sale on Victoria Square. by Robbob2010, on Flickr For Sale on Victoria Square. by Robbob2010, on Flickr
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