A slow start, but on a positive note the server bills are all paid up to the middle of January 2018 (thanks to the contributors). In some ways the newfangled ‘social media’ continues to conspire against us, so we’ve completely given up with the Facebook page (and it is gone – the auto-feed to Twitter has also been playing up). Anyway, hopefully, we’ll have more stuff to put on the front page in the coming months.

Windleshaw Chantry

Picture by Robbob

Some very good work is being undertaken by Connect member Ted Forsyth and his team of volunteers, uncovering gravestones and generally tidying up the yard surrounding the Chantry (sometimes referred to as The Abbey). Robbob and his friend Ian have been providing photographic record of the work, on the ground and aerial. You can take a look at some of it in the Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers topic on the forums.

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New Look

Welcome to the new look St Helens Connect. It is only the front page that is affected at the moment, but we’ll probably add some other things to this part of the site over time. We’re asking existing members to use the Account section to copy details over so that they’ll be able to post replies in these sections with their normal membership identity, should the need arise. Please log in to your forums account here. If you aren’t already a member then you can use the registration on this page.

78 memberships have been extended so far.

Facebook Fiasco

Earlier last month it looked as though the days of Connect being blacklisted by Facebook were at an end. Quite suddenly our old Facebook Group reappeared as though it’d never been away. Then links back to our site were allowed again and we thought that we’d been forgiven – for whatever it was that had made them deem us to be ‘unsafe’. They don’t tell people what is wrong – you just find that your site has suddenly been disappeared, or blacklisted. For some strange reason, although they’d disabled our group, the page had been allowed to stay, but it’d been rendered useless because we weren’t allowed to post any links to the site (which was the whole point of having a page!).

Anyway, all of those restrictions were magically lifted and we were able to resume activity – for a few short days, until they started the funny stuff again. I guess that we might never find out what their problem is.

Sending messages on their support forms is like the letters that we sent up the chimney to Father Christmas in December as kids.