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Union Street

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Mon, 16 May 2011, 17:53.

I can't believe how old my school looks! I was there from 1958 - 62 when I left at age 15 without any real qualifications. I enjoyed these school years and especially maths and English taught by 'Swiffer' = George Swift. There were some lessons by him which still fill me with terror as he caned each person every time they got a sum wrong! I think he may have been trying out an experiment to see if the pressure brought about better results. I remember being so scared that I got more wrong!


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Thu, 16 Jun 2011, 20:36.

I loved this school, spent some happy years there. I also remember George Swift, wish we still had teachers like that.


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Sat, 12 Nov 2011, 22:41.

i went to st marys from 1958 to 1962, i remember mr skidmore the head,mr swift maths teacher miss alcock,mrs henderson also taught maths the chisnalls attended the school.. stan frodsham was in my class,anne alcock ,jeffrey pilkinton,my maiden name was june howard,and i would love to hear from anyone that went to st marys at this time


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Tue, 31 Jan 2012, 0:47.

mr skidmore one of the best teachers ever. i was in mrs brugemans class guess we all had the cane a few times but never did me any harm

carole aldred

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Thu, 1 Mar 2012, 14:08.

i attended st marys from 1961-65.the head master was mr skidmore[he was there when my dad went].ive had the cane off him to for smoking at the back of the canteen..the teachers i remember are...mrs evans [english-maths] miss evert [art]. mr swift [maths]. mr naylor [english]. miss twist [english-games]. mr ashley [history-geography]. miss beetle [r.e.]. mr brown [woodwork]. mrs hamer [cookery- sewing]. miss ashcroft [science]. mrs penketh [ p.e.] she had it in for me for some reason and i didnt like her. i didnt like school and would wag it as often as possible, my mate would write notes. pretending to be my mum,i never got found out.haha.


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Sun, 3 Jun 2012, 16:06.

I was in George Swifts class (1964) a real gent immaculately dressed and the best teacher ever,yes he was strict,yes he had his little games to bring the best out of you but I never ever saw him lose his temper.Mr Brown once caned me and broke my finger,Mrs Evans caned me and broke another but they were great days...We competed in every sports competition in St Helens and won nowt in fact we took a real pasting at rugby..even though we had the likes of Dave and Eric Chisnall in our teams...

Joseph Julius

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Sun, 10 Feb 2013, 16:17.

Its quite exciting looking back at the photograph and reading all your comments and slowly start remembering my school days at St Mary's, i remember ";Swiwwy "; Mr Swift and his red hair and ability to swing a cane (one of those really thin ones) yes he broke my thumb aswell. Does anybody remember the English teacher Fred Naylor? it was a real treat in his class as we could get away with almost anything....
There was also a Mr Morris....
I visited St Mary's 1965 till 1970 and would love to receive info on any fellow pupils who remembers my person or was also at St Mary's ....


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Thu, 13 Oct 2016, 22:04.

@ nannypam

Hi I don't know if you will remember me,I went to this school from 1965 to 1968 when the school closed down,my foster father Mr William Brackley was the caretaker there,he was always reporting me to the headmaster for one thing or another,and I was always being caned,I remember Mr Swift very well,he once wrote someone's name on a piece of paper and sealed in an envelope,he said this person will come to me for a reference when they leave school,and I will then show them this name I have written down,however,when the school closed down,we never did find out whose name he had written down,I was always bullied at school,and was once thrown over the wall,that separated the playground,from the girls and boys,and scraped all the insides of my thighs,I was also once picked up by a few girls outside of the school gates,and had my head slammed into the pavement,I have since found out,that a lot of my bullying was caused by my sister Margaret (Maggie),who used to bribe other girls to bully me,I did make a couple of friends at school,and remember that one of the girls,lived right opposite the school and her father was a vicar,I think,I loved playing netball though,and used to love playing sports,I remember that we used to run around the school,right around the outside of the building,I am trying to find people from my school days to re connect,I also remember that we had a teacher called Johnny Mantle,and he actually played for St Helens as well,he taught us science in the old iron building out back,the one with the corrugated roof,all you could here during lessons when it was raining,was the bang bang on the roof from the rain,it made it quite difficult to study when it was like that,anyway if you remember me or my sisters I would love to here from you,my other sister was called Eva


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Sun, 16 Oct 2016, 19:34.

@ Joseph Julius

Hi I am sorry to say,but you must have your dates mixed up,because this school closed down in 1967,because I was there for 3 years,and then when it closed I went to Rivington Rd Comprehensive School after it closed,because my foster father was the caretaker there,and I was forced to help him clean the school,both after school,and during school holidays,if I refused to do it,he would send me to Scidmore for the cane,I think I got caned the most at that school out of anyone,even if I spoke to other girls they didn't like,they would send me to him for the cane,so I was really happy when it closed down,I have been back there and it is now a housing estate,along with a retirement home on there as well,we were lucky enough to have Johnny Mantle,as one of our teachers,as he used to play for St Helens rugby club,I don't know if you remember him or not,anyway just though I would drop you a line take care Joane Wood

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