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westfield st

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Sat, 16 Apr 2011, 11:45.

I loved this school, The teachers ,& friends I went through every class with. We stuck together through thick and thin,never told tales on one another, and never
told teachers who was to blame when one of us had done something wrong. Many the time we had to face the headmaster Mr Mc Manus for the dreaded cane, but was preferred by us all than 100 lines or more,Angela Keeley. Sylvia Cunningham, Andrea Simcox, Pat Berry, Mary Clough, Dominica Frederick, the list goes on. Infants/ Juniors/& Senior school. 1951/ 1961.Happy days""."

westfield st

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Sat, 16 Apr 2011, 11:47.

St Thomas of Canterbury 100th anniversary 23rd July 2011


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Wed, 1 Jun 2011, 23:35.

I went to this school and it was the worst time of my childhood.

The infant school was not too bad but the Juniors was a 4 year nightmare. We had teachers who were sadists and bullies.

First year - Female Leigh. A big fat old bully.
Second year - Male Pollett â another bully who tried not to be, but often lost control.
Third year year â Male Henebury one of the worst human beings I have ever come into contact with. Blamed the class for his teaching mistakes. Once caned the whole class for carrying out his incorrect instructions. (including all the girls)

Last year - Male Powell (Danny) not quite as bad as the others, but would use the cane on a whim. Often we were caned for dropping a pencil.

Worst of all was the Head male MacManus. He was overcome with power and saw children as some sort of inferior being.

I was so glad when I left this school and I was one who hardly ever got caned.

I have abstained in this post from giving them titles of Mr, and Miss because of they dont deserve it.


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Thu, 6 Oct 2011, 10:46.

I enjoyed this school after I stopped running away as an infant,and then as a junior until the eleven plus, brilliant kids, fantastic memories, 1954-1961 Steven porter Mike Callaghan, tommy evans, brian Coulshed, Bernadette wellend, Jean Pilkington, Dorothy Cropper, Gerard Murphy, the list is endless, my favorite teacher was Mr Heneberry, football in the playground playing cricket for the school team, my sisters also learned here. Brilliant place fabulous kids and wonderful memories, singing hymms at assembly, they were particularly preoccupied with religion, my first communion, confirmation etc. but it was a catholic school.


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Thu, 12 Jul 2012, 21:31.

The school was an 11-plus factory. Those who were thought to have no chance of passing the exam were consigned to the educational scrapheap. For the rest it was ";Progress Papers"; (watered down 11-plus exam papers) from Aggie Leigh in J1 to Mary Ripley in J4. Jim ";Danny"; Powell (J2) was a bully who seemed to revel in caning children. He was also very sarcastic and regularly ridiculed children's work. He once caned six of us at the same time with a huge cane he kept above his store-cupboard. He was a complete contrast to his sister, Vi, who taught middle infants, and despite her large and daunting physique was a really caring, gentle and considerate woman.

My favourite teacher by far was Arsene Polet, J3, who never administered physical punishment on me - though he did on his son Philip, who was in my class. Mr Polet was an interesting character, an ex-Japanese Prisoner of War. He was a wonderful storyteller. He was the only teacher who allowed us to talk on the route march to the canteen opposite Cowley Boys' Grammar. Tragic that he died before he retired.

In common with the practice in many other Catholic schools, the Head Teacher, JC McManus, another bully, free with the cane, would come into the classroom every Monday morning to ask what time Mass we'd been to, where, who the priest was and what colour vestments he was wearing. Miss Ripley, the deputy, was the sister of a locally-prominent priest, and was the nearest thing she could have been could be to a nun short of taking holy orders.

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