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Windle Infants/Juniors Primary - Cooper Street

Although the text with the picture says Laffak, it is really Windle school.

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Fri, 25 Feb 2011, 16:19.

Back Row: ?,Smith,Joan Anders,Ray Pierce,Geoff Finney,Norman Traynor,Kenny Parr,Rhoda Clayworth,June Foster,Lorna Wilson.

Third Row: John Davies.?.?.Brian French,?,Roy Clare,Keith Stratton,Eddie Duncan,?.

Second Row: ?,?,Laura Woods,Rhona Roberts,Eileen Bott,Doreen Wetton,?,?,Hilda Potter,?,?,Ruth Watkins,Marion Foy.

First Row: Joey Anders,Jimmy Foster,Desi Jackman,Maurice Taylor,Gordon Hammond,Arthur Slater,Gary Atherton,Ken Booth, Gordon Cave.

Union Street

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Mon, 16 May 2011, 18:06.

Windle C/E was just 50 yards from our door in Union Street. I loved it except for the spell when we had a headmaster, Mr. Jones, who terrorized the kids for not being smart enough or having a hankie. I was frightened of him. The best thing about the school was a teacher - Mr Ernie Hackney. He gave up so much of his time after school teaching recorder, harmonica,guitar, chess and umpteen other non curricular studies. He also had a cine camera, unheard of in the 50's in our neighbourhood, and captured myself and others in the school playground and elsewhere. I was amazed to find he still had the film not long before he died. I managed to track him down and copied them for posterity. I also rescued many stills of pupils in school around 1955-62. What a treasure!


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Sat, 22 Oct 2011, 14:35.

Hi, I also remember Ernie Hackney very well. I was there from '55 to 61 and went to the Isle of Man on holiday with the school and remember that he was always hovering about with his new toy, the cine camera. I would be very interested in any of the stills you have as I know I must be on quite a lot of them as he used to take pictures all the time.

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