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Sutton Manor Infants/Juniors Primary - Forest Road

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Sat, 29 Sep 2012, 18:03.

Mr.Jones was the headteacher, he left and Mr.Saunders took over. Mr.Vaughn was deputy. My favourite teacher was Mr.Cowley- he taught me to play 'Pretty Woman' on the guitar and taught by telling jokes- a brilliant teacher, I wonder how 'Princess Tracey' is?!
Mrs. Lenahan used to scare me to death- maybe it was the stuffed animals in glass cages!
Mrs.Dixon was the school cook- mash every day- if we got chips you'd have thought we had won the lottery! Mr.Grice was next door to us in the porta-cabins at the back.
Mrs. Twist was the school assistant and you went to her when you were ill. Miss Allen had the classroom with the false floor- I never knew what was under there until I did Project Trident there; it led to the stage in the hall from under the floor.

Mrs Taylor taught me in second year- I broke my arm in the playground that year-she took me to A+E. Met up with her again years later when I was training to be a Nursery Nurse- she was still teaching.
Mrs. Rotherham was my first teacher in 73, I then went into Miss Bate's class, she married a few months later and became Mrs.Hughes. Miss Hopkins was next, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Whitter and then Mr Cowley.
I remember doing country dancing with Mrs Whitter (crossing the swords!) and playing rounders on the school field.
I once took home the school gerbil for the summer hols- I had roller skates on and kept dropping the cage- yes it did survive and made it back to school 6 weeks later- she was called Kelly- we voted in class- Kelly, Sabrina or Purdy- Kelly got the most votes!


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Sat, 29 Sep 2012, 21:41.

Mr Cowley with tie over shoulder playing how do you do mister martian or making a story come life giving each character a voice achieved more than all the other teachers put together all i remember about mr saunders is he blinked and had suit youcould strike a match on


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Mon, 8 Dec 2014, 14:27.

I was a pupil at Sutton Manor Council School in the late thirties, prior to that there was a infants school in Jubits Lane ( now Swindells roofing firm), nick name the Tin School "" We started there age three. Later we transferred to the council School

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