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Hamblett Open Air Special - Rainford Road

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Sat, 21 May 2011, 11:07.

I attended this school because i suffered badly with asthma and had some very fond memories of this school.The headmaster was Mr.Message and i also remember some of the teachers such as Mrs Westhead, Mrs Smith,Mr Maddocs i made some great friends there . When i used to live in Clinkham Wood i used to catch the 501 bus for this school usally the AEC REGENT double decker then later changed to the Swift single decker.The bus would go up Rainford Road past the school and turn around at the entrance to St.Helens crematorium,go back down towards the school and drop us off outside the entrance.When a new driver was on the route he would sometimes miss the turnaround at the crem and we would all cheer and shout hooray we are going to Southport, brilliant times and memories.

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