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St Aidan's CofE Primary - Lyndsay Street, Clock face

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Sheila Rattigan(Heyes),

Sheila Rattigan(Heyes)

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Thu, 22 Dec 2011, 21:45.

I I went to St Aidan's at the age of 4 from 1952 to 1959. I was a typical village school; with most of the children's fathers working at Clock Face Colliery. The teachers knew every pupil by name plus the family group they belonged to. It was a lovely school and although the classes were large (because we were post-war baby boomers) the teachers were marvellous. Miss Harrison in particular went beyond her call of duty by spending extra time at the end of the school day giving extra one-to-one reading tuition to any pupils who were struggling to keep up (she taught age 4 to 5 year old). In this first year I remember having a sleep after lunch, on camp beds with itchy blankest. I also remember listening to 'Listen With Mother' on the radio (wireless in my day) and dancing around the room pretending to be a butterfly or an aeroplane such happy memories.

The only fly in the ointment was the Head Master Mr Harrison, I was in his class in my last year at St Aidan's in 1959, and in that year there were no 'Eleven Plus' passes, thus the parents requested the school board to carry out an investigation. The week before the inspection was due; the devious Mr Harrison had all the class copying maths and essays from the board into our exercise books as we had done hardly any work for the inspectors to inspect. And he stipulated to us all that we weren't to tell anyone. When I went home; my mum asked what I had been doing today and I said, in all innocence, copying sums off the board and some of them were wrong. Needless to say, he was sacked.

Luckily up to the last year we had received a relatively good education, good enough to carry us through to the senior school and before the end of our school life most of us had caught up with everyone else. Thank Goodness.

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