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Anglers Rest - Back Lane (Woodlands Road), Laffak

The Anglers Rest no longer exists. Status: Closed 22 Dec 1910.

Also known as 'The Blind Ass', 'Fishermans Arms', 'Fishermans Rest' - a beerhouse opened circa 1845, selling Copples ales from the .Eccleston Brewery at Portico.
Beer retailers:
James Frodsham (to 1900)
Peter Dempsey (from May 15 1900)

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Sat, 7 Nov 2009, 7:34.

Commonly known in later years as the "Blind Ass" a nick
name bestowed upon it when a stubborn old matron with one eye took it over.
It sold Copples Ales of the Eccleston Brewery Portico
near Prescot


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