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Collins Green Colliery

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Sunk circa 1870s.

Located: Collins Green.


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Sun, 29 Aug 2010, 10:42.

Great Grandpa Henry Richards ( or Reynolds) was brought up from Longton in Staffordshire to open up this pit. He was 27 years old. He then went on to be the Undermanager at Bold. In those days the miners had to walk out to the pits and after every shift when he came to the surface there were always groups of about 20 to 30 men waiting at the pit head hoping to get a job. He may well select one or two lucky ones for the next shift.


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Tue, 4 Feb 2014, 21:30.

When I was working as a fitter at Bold colliery I was attatched for a period with the fitter that was involved with the winding gear, shafts and shaft pumping gear. One of the jobs he had was to go to Collins Green and descend the shaft there to check out the pumps at the bottom of the shaft. It was only about 100 or so feet deep but had to have a minature set up of the winding gear seen at Bold Colliery. I had the chance to go down there a few times and found it quite interesting, pity it's not there any longer.

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