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St Helens, North West England, UK.

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We're now in our sixteenth year as a website and there are over six thousand registered memberships.

HD Video by Pete, with Robbob

Ways of registering
1) Use the normal registration form. This method relies on email validation. Or you can still opt to use method 2 from that form.
2) Join using Facebook Connect from the board's Login form (if you're currently logged into Facebook), or Twitter (if you are currently logged in on Twitter).

If you use the Facebook or Twitter options you'll be able to change your site display name - rather than using your real name (recommended).

Please note If you've forgotten your password (even if you've forgotten your login name) you can reset it by using the form in this link.

New - if you represent a local business or a charity (strictly St Helens related) then you can now join in that organisation's name and promote your services on St Helens Connect. Simply choose the 'Local Services' group in registration. You can be a regular individual member too by registering again, but you will need to use a separate email address.

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