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Lu Starr    0

Hello all,

I was hoping that someone may be able to help me. I'm researching my family history and know that my Mums parents both came from St Helens. I have got quite far but I've hit a brick wall at the moment.

My Grandparents were Leslie Barton and Barbara Barton nee Wallace (previously Brigid Pearse Wallace). 

Leslies Parents were William Barton and Florence Barton nee Lilley of 75 Rivington Street. I have traced back on both sides to the mid 1800's. On Florences side her grandparents, Joseph Stanley and Ann Saville in 1870's, owned a chippy in Peter Street.  Williams side his parents, Peter Barton (Fruitier) and Charlotte Ann Ashcroft lived in 19 Raglan Street.

Barbaras (Brigids) Parents were William Wallace and Ann Neary. Williams sister is possibly Elizabeth. Ann was born around Oct 1895. I have no other information on them.

If anyone has any information on any of the names tagged or anyone mentioned in this post I would be ever so grateful. I am desperate to find as much info as I can before I go to the records office.

Thank you for reading and I hope someone can help me 


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RATTY    1,569

Hmm, this is a hard one

You are tracking William Wallace and Ann Neary I take it? I've just done some initial searching at the GRO and can tell you there is no Elizebeth Ann Wallace born between  1890-1900 anywhere near this area, they are all far North and far South. Only one in Liverpool 1882 mother Tomeno and one West Derby 1904 mother Newton. Also no William Wallace born around 1900 in St Helens/Prescot either although there are a few dotted around Liverpool and one in Warrington. 

The name does appear in the marriage lists  but not a William for that era and I don't have enough info yet to choose others

Nothing on the marriage cert for William?

There is no Brigid or Barbara Wallace in the 1939 census for St Helens although she could be in nearby townships such as Prescot. Same goes for William or Ann

The Brigid Pearse Wallace sounds like a naming tradition, Scottish maybe, her father's mothers maiden name could have been Pearse, just a thought

Although she was born here in 1920 and married here in 1947 it does not look likely her parents were from here or even lived here for long sorry

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hiss    21

there was a ann neary born in st Helens in 1895, it's shown in Lancashire bmd site but not In the gro site. this is not a uncommon feature when records are copied. 

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