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GGG Grandparents go missing

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familyman    108

My gggrandparents were William Garner (b.1855) and Mary Gullivan (b. 1856).


In 1861 I find Mary with a mother Susannah (b.1838/39) who is head of family


In 1871 I again find Susan as head of family with a brother Cornelius Canning (b1831/2) and daughter Mary. In 1881 Mary is married. And in the census Cornelius Canning is head of family with Susan Gullivan shown as sister.



Susan Gullivan was therefore previously Susan Canning before her marriage.



I can find no evidence of this marriage ,possibly pre 1847 as she has a 14 year old son in the 1861 census. However this son is shown as being born in Franceand may explain why I can find no evidence of Susan Gullivan in the 1851 census(Maybe living in France) I can also find no evidence of her brother Cornelius Canning before the 1871 census. (If I could find him I maybe able to find Susan.)



I have tried various spellings of Canning and Gullivan but with no success.



This is where I hope someone can help with a suggestion or possibly some information.






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