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  1. I am watching but it is not looking very promising at the moment.
  2. I'm not sure but he worked behind the bar until 1986.
  3. Thanks for the photo Dave it brought back many happy memories. You must have been working there when my dad was his name is Tommy Eccleston.
  4. Does anyone have any photos of Parr and Hardshaw Labour Club. My Dad worked there for many years and I would love to see any old photos.
  5. Someone mentioned bally ann day. I remember my mum using this phrase and I think it meant the day before payday. Does anyone know the origin of this, why bally ann?
  6. Nanny Goat Park was on Recreation Street as far as I remember. We used to play there when I lived in Black Horse Street and had to cross Park Road to get to it.
  7. I was at Notre Dame 1960 - 1965 and would really appreciate it if anyone who has the school photo would kindly post it. I am not sure of the actual year but I know we only had one full school photo while I was there. Thanks Denise
  8. Don't look at me with them eyes.
  9. I used to live at number 30 Prescot Road which we also knew as Croppers Hill. This was just up from the TA buildings on the same side. I lived there in the 60's and the house we lived in was later demolished and is now just a grassed area.
  10. I used to go to the Cables club in the mid sixties when they had a disco every week. We were all underage but we were never questioned and couldn't afford to drink much anyway. We always had a good time there.
  11. I've not lived in St. Helens for over 40 years after moving first to Wigan then Bolton and then back to Wigan. I have kept my accent and I am proud of it as I think it is a true Lancashire accent. My children call me a scouser when they want to wind me up.
  12. I was driving to work today when I saw a flat back lorry with sacks of coal on it. I didn't know they were still around.
  13. Sorry it wasn't meant for you.
  14. Someone owes me an explanation.
  15. It is great to hear from you. I moved to Wigan in 1971 and then to Bolton in 1987 but then back to Wigan 7 years ago. My heart is still in St.Helens though. Did you know my best friend at Tech her name was Theresa? She lives in Manchester now and we are still in touch. I am glad Sheila and Joe are well. I never see anyone from the old days since I moved but I meet up regularly with 2 of my friends from Notre Dame. Are you still working? I am but am going to reduce from full time to 3 days a week in August when I am 65. Can't believe I am that old! Where have the years gone? Do you have a son because I thought I saw you in a bookshop in Southport with a young man a couple of years ago but I didn't speak because I wasn't sure. Did you stay at Pilks? I was a bit hormonal (nutty) when I knew you but I have grown up now though my children/grandchildren still tell me I am ditzy. My Dad died when he was only 61 but my Mum is still going strong and living in Burtonwood. Are your Mum and Dad still around. Sorry I am bombarding you with questions but it has been such a long time.