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  1. Where you been hiding
  2. Very sad. Obviously a well respected gentleman. R.I.P.
  3. I remember when the canal ran through that site.
  4. From the last photo should be called World of Brick!
  5. Hate to say I always liked the Bottle & Glass - Triumph and MGB not exactly posers?
  6. I was born in Old Nook.
  7. I used employment agencies to fill openings in order to get a 3 month evaluation before either offering the position as permanent or terminating the individual. It was actually lower cost to hire permanently due to the agency fees but obviously it carried higher risk.
  8. Remember this link -
  9. I have an OBD reader to identify fault codes. My Ford F-250 truck gave me a failed O2 sensor on bank two while still under warranty so I went to the dealer who replaced it but no warranty coverage cos the wires were eaten by a rodent? When I asked them to show me the old sensor they couldn't produce it so got warranty coverage anyway. Funny part was that I had seen chipmunks hanging around sitting on top of my tires
  10. Where did you live MrGray?
  11. Correct, iron block.
  12. Agree, walking around with a $5 Starbucks must mean something I don't understand.
  13. Not for me, I'm still using instant.
  14. Lady birds are good bugs, but they tend to accumulate as they die in my fluorescent kitchen light, have to vacuum em out.
  15. Kids with green snot hanging from their nose?