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  1. trips to ypres belgium

    Bedford House is a lovely cemetery, around the ponds and an unusual shape because of them. It was one of the cemetery's we visited while getting the grave photos for SHROH, so you can say, unlike many, Charles has had at least 2 separate visits. Hope you get back soon, make sure you get good maps, do some research before you go and plan it so your not running around trying to fit to much in. Ste M
  2. trips to ypres belgium

    Hi Hiss, we are going in September (20th), by car and ferry, where did you get to? It was a big week for 55th Division 100 years to the date and our 1/5th SLR in particular. If anyone would like some pictures let me know and I'll do my best. Ste
  3. Our friend Le200 has died

    All I will say is there are few who can leave a legacy or substantial piece of work behind, that can be associated to them, he will, in all the work on SHROH and Connect that will be around for years to come. It has helped many people and will do it for many more, as well as being a lasting memorial to all the people on it, casualty or not. RIP Chris
  4. Around St.Helens

    That would be worth watching! I thought a selfie stick might work but I can't bring my self to actually get one :-)
  5. Around St.Helens

    Hopefully this works. It should be a series of pictures related to the well known photo of the St Helens Pals marching into town to church service prior to leaving for final preparations before being sent over to France in November 1915. I think the photo was taken from a window in the Ship Inn (Tavern) that was on the canal bank, on the land that was Shukers. Looking at the old maps you can follow the old Church Road from Shaw Street over the canal and down the slope opposite The Nags Head pub. I'm putting The Nags on the bus stop/corner of KFC car park? They are marching from one bus stop to the other. The old road and tram tracks are basically the new footpath. I managed to get up on the wall to try and get the height closer to the original, not high enough though, but it's as high as I could get! Any suggestions/questions fire away.
  6. Hi Steve, great write up on Whitaker. Have you tried to locate the interviews of the officers post returning after being POWs ? Ste
  7. Hi Paul, Have a look in the gallery of St Helens Roll of Honour http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/ I have found several articles related to this date and they are kept there. I have been to the battlefield several times and ( if you forget the motorway !) it is very easy to locate the positions of the various Keeps and Posts that were defended/lost. I have the medals to one of the men taken prisoner, with a picture and bits of info from Ancestry and his papers. See how you go on. Regards, Ste M
  8. Today at 11.00am if anyone can make it? Regards, Ste
  9. http://www.sthelenspals.org.uk/ And then go to the records section Ste M
  10. Kinder family

    Hi Nat, If you have anything to add to the Kinders on our Rolls of Honour ( see link) it would be much appreciated. Have a look and you may find something you didn't know about ! http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/index.php?clist=k Regards, Ste M
  11. I was looking for John Samuel Leach, my great grandad on my nans side. On Lankylads link he is logged in AA14. Cheers Ste
  12. Cheers Le200, I assume AA will be in section A behind the church. Regards, Ste
  13. Hi Jeff, is there a plan of the graves ? I am looking for AA14 (Leach) Cheers, Ste
  14. world war one at home

    Hi Jeff, as you probably know but for everyone elses info, there are some newspaper articles that have been added to the individuals pages on their SHROH page. Ste
  15. Hi Geoff, There are several posters who are well versed in the details of WW1 actions and some with experience of writing books. There is plenty of info I and others have put together on SHROH related to the 5 players that died in WW1, if that is of help? If no one comes forward let me have his name and I'll see what I can add to what you know already. Ste M