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  1. Why was O'Loughlin not even sin binned for the high tackle on Brown? Am I right in thinking this is the same ref who couldn't send off Amor quick enough?
  3. Never fully caught up with posts since being on holiday and only just seen about le200. Like most people on this site I never knew him personally but felt like I knew him through his posts. Condolences to all his family and friends. As someone has mentioned before his legacy will live on through this site.
  4. Thoughts Joe?
  5. Why has Grace not played earlier. Did Cunningham not realise how the u19s were doing last season? Was he given advise but chose to ignore it? Must admit though from were I was sat Kyle Amor seemed unlucky to be sent off. Appeared to hit ball first (If he hit his head first he wouldn't have got up as quick as he did) I'm sure Joe will put me right. Seen it many times during season and free kick is outcome. Having said that Saints had to play with what they had and played very well.Think our backs saw more of the ball than they had so far this season
  6. been on hols and only just catching up on this. came across this with Alex Murphy's reaction on Wish FM.Think he makes some very interesting points
  7. 1...... Saints were crap 2.......No one bothered about Leigh
  8. Wigan will always have a pitch problem cos of the land its built on. Its built on a quagmire near the Leeds-Liverpool canal and Dougie.The word was that Wheelan got the land cheap but Wigan council must have been rubbing their hands getting rid of the land.
  9. Second game in and landlords already telling tenants what to do.
  10. Anyone know what the stone from the quarry was used for? I know stone from the Parbold quarries was used on Liverpool Anglican cathedral.Was this the same? Pictures brought back memories of when I used to play there.
  11. probably cos no ones interested.
  12. Well done Sky Sports for promoting super league
  13. Came across this on facebook
  14. Dont think so. Maybe a catch here To redeem this offer use code REM161FOR1 at checkout. Offer expires Saturday 19th November and is only available for first-time customers.
  15. Don't know if this is open to all but just got e-mail and they are offering 1 month for £1.(Mentions my search for military records over weekend so may be linked to that)