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  1. NRL on sky

    Just noticed on sky website that they have Australian rugby league in their up coming TV schedule http://www.skysports.com/watch/rugby-league-on-sky Starting 10th march.Apparently Premier sports couldnt afford price the NRL wanted.
  2. Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    Hi again, managed to confirm most of information given above, but cant confirm marriage between James Chadwick and Jane Sharples (nee Pickavance). In 1861 census I have James and Jane with children, Nancy b.1843 and Mary b.1844. I was hoping I could find the maiden name of their mother from the GRO site. Unfortunately I cannot find a birth registered for the children, neither is there a birth registration showing on the freeBMD site. Can I ask where you got this info from please, just to confirm marriage.(For sake of completeness.) Thanks Jane Pickavance, Born Circa 1823, Windle, St.Helens...... Baptised 27.07.1823 St Mary (now St Helen), St Helens, Lancashire, England. MARRIED:- Peter Sharples who died in 1853. She then Married James Chadwick (Glass Blower) on 30.08.1857.
  3. St helens archives

    Thanks for that. They are the brothers but unfortunately I cant read they article.
  4. St helens archives

    Do any of the local libraries carry copies of old newspapers on film? I am interested in an article, published either during or at the end of the war, about brothers serving in the first world war.(Specifically my great uncles-Phillips brothers) I have a very poor photocopy but would like to see the real article.Or would they be on any of the newspaper archives sites?
  5. rather extreme

    http://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/21659/11179656/nrl-star-angus-crichton-finds-extreme-way-to-deal-with-troublesome-finger-injury And footballers need a rest cos they're tired
  6. Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    That's much appreciated. That would have been my next task,finding out about John Anders. Thanks
  7. Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    Thanks for that. Its filled in some gaps.(I must be looking in wrong places.) Where did you get the info from if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    How come grandparents name is Chadwick if John Anders married a Sharples? Or am I missing something obvious? Maybe 1881census transcription is wrong (need to see original)
  9. Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    Haven't a clue. Sorry.
  10. Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    Theres also a birth in 1873 with mothers maiden name Sumner.
  11. I have my great grandmother Jane Anders marrying Edward Phillips on 4th October 1890 in Haydock, and her father is shown as John Anders and her age as 21. I do not know name of mother. I have found, who I believe to be her, in the 1871 census with her father John and mother Mary. Her age is 0, d.o.b 1871. She also has a sister Margary (5), and a brother Thomas (7) In the 1881 census the only Jane Anders I can find is one living with her grandparents James and Jane Chadwick, along with Margary and Thomas All their ages correspond to those in the 1871 census. I am assuming that John Anders married a daughter of James and Jane Chadwick. However I cannot find any reference to marriage. Is my assumption correct or should I look elsewhere? Any suggestions welcome
  12. australia 6 England 0

    Post reads like a childish bit of "tit for tat"
  13. Convicts 18 England 4

    I think the only downer (Apart from loss of Walmesley and then Burgess) was the display from Gale. Do we have anyone else to play in the halves. Found this from before last weeks warm-up match. At a team meeting this week, Bennett told them that Kallum Watkins and Ryan Hall would be rested for tomorrow’s warm-up game in Perth. He said they deserved it because of their efforts in Leeds’ Grand Final win over Castleford earlier this month. He then hit Tigers duo Luke Gale and Mike McMeeken with the punch line - they would both be picked because they “didn’t play in the final”.
  14. England rugby league world cup squad for october start

    Kevin Brown?
  15. I have read the laws Penalty for some forward passes If the Referee is of the opinion that a player in giving a forward pass must have been well aware that the catcher was in front of him then the referee is justified in ruling that the ball has been deliberately thrown forward.