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  1. Convicts 18 England 4

    I think the only downer (Apart from loss of Walmesley and then Burgess) was the display from Gale. Do we have anyone else to play in the halves. Found this from before last weeks warm-up match. At a team meeting this week, Bennett told them that Kallum Watkins and Ryan Hall would be rested for tomorrow’s warm-up game in Perth. He said they deserved it because of their efforts in Leeds’ Grand Final win over Castleford earlier this month. He then hit Tigers duo Luke Gale and Mike McMeeken with the punch line - they would both be picked because they “didn’t play in the final”.
  2. England rugby league world cup squad for october start

    Kevin Brown?
  3. I have read the laws Penalty for some forward passes If the Referee is of the opinion that a player in giving a forward pass must have been well aware that the catcher was in front of him then the referee is justified in ruling that the ball has been deliberately thrown forward.
  4. super 8s

    Saints knew situation against Hull after Leeds got beat on Thursday. Did 'em no good though.
  5. Today's game at Belle Vue

    Making a comment like that could get you into a hole heap of trouble.
  6. Catalans v Wigan

    Didn't he mention to Catalan players that if Wigan had scored he would have had to award the try to Wigan. (Anyone see the sign "all we want is honest refs" in the far corner)
  7. Catalans 40 Leigh 36

    Just my point. Refs and touch judges should be looking. It beats me when Start Cummings explains what the call should be and then the total opposite happens. Also recall in Saints Leeds match even video ref got a call wrong
  8. Catalans 40 Leigh 36

    Agree it was a cracking game, but cant help thinking it was spoilt by a couple of crucial referring/touch judge mistakes. I often wonder what the point of touch judges are. I thought the ref and touchjudges were supposed to work as a team. There were two decision which stand out,both involving Shenton. There was a two man tackle on Caton Brown when the ball was stripped but the ref ruled a knock on and scrum went Cas and also a blatant knock on by Shenton when he stuck his hand out to block a pass followed by a Wakefield knock on and again scrum went to Cas. followed by a try. Both not 10 metres from touch judge who was Hicks (a Super League referee).
  9. Warrington v Wigan

    I believe we've had this argument before,its all about catchment area The latest figures show in 2016 the average crowds were Wigan 13018 and St Helens 11538. However when this is taken as a percentage of the total population saints attract a far bigger percentage of population (6% compared to 4%). If Wigan were to attract the same their average crowd should be nearer 19000
  10. Warrington v Wigan

    It wasn't a super league match ,it was the Challenge cup. Ok things may equal them selves over the course of a season but in a one off game as this was one bad refereeing decision can mean the difference between going to Wembley or not.
  11. Warrington v Wigan

    Did wigan play Leigh last week? I'm looking for comments but must have missed them all. Why was Marshalls try not disallowed for a forward pass?Why was the ref constantly talking to O'Loughlin about Wigan fouls? Why was Tomkins (among others ) not sinbinned for head high tackles?
  12. Huddersfield v Saints

    is 4th time if you count pre season friendly. cant believe this game isnt on TV (pies on again for next 2 weeks)
  13. one for Joe

    Why was O'Loughlin not even sin binned for the high tackle on Brown? Am I right in thinking this is the same ref who couldn't send off Amor quick enough?
  14. FA to intro dive and fake injury panel aug 2017

  15. Our friend Le200 has died

    Never fully caught up with posts since being on holiday and only just seen about le200. Like most people on this site I never knew him personally but felt like I knew him through his posts. Condolences to all his family and friends. As someone has mentioned before his legacy will live on through this site.