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  1. Does that airbus beluga actually float. Good pictures!
  2. So sad . I think we all feel the same even though we never met, going off all the comments above he was a good guy. RIP Le200.
  3. I follow this sport and know a lot of the fighters but I am unaware of this man Jay Moogan. I will keep a lookout in future.
  4. I'M working on it.
  5. Typical. Argue about everything and get nothing sorted. It's the way of the world nowadays!
  6. A prison sentence of X number of years and made to do X number of years. Not a slap on the wrist and a possible fine that they will probably never pay. It's about time they started making an example of these low lives.
  7. This is the second time that the priest's house at St. Vincent's as been robbed. I was informed that the priest as been suffering from depression and that this could be the end of him.
  8. Yes they brought us pies and other goodies every day when I worked at Ashalls.
  9. Should be shot, too much much of this thing going on. And you wonder why car insurance is so high.
  10. Yes Liverpool Rd was once a busy shopping area. And the pictures of Croppers Hill reminded me of how the bus struggled up the road when I was going to my grandparents house in Gladstone St.
  11. Just another money making racket and an excuse for idiots to come banging on your door. The elderly don't like it so how do these things ever get off the ground.
  12. How about The Beehive. Or The Bowling Green.
  13. those cameras on the drones are very good aren't they,good clear pictures. Can the operator see what the camera sees and what is the range, ie is it only line of sight./
  14. Yes jumble sales are still up and running. Today we call them Car Boot Sales.
  15. Well it was called rubber reinforcements at the time but yes it moved to Lea Green from the Fibreglass site in the early nineties. It was the first bit of Pilkingtons bought by th Japanese.