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  1. Remembering Voll

    I was at the game in 1961, remember it well, I went on a coach from Ashton full of Wiganers. I had a massive smile on my face all the way home !!!!!
  2. Oh buoy...and they're off.

    Fantastic photos, Robbob.
  3. Our friend Le200 has died

    R.I.P. Chris, a Gentleman to the end.
  4. Copper House Row

    Hi elliem21, If you put Copper House Row into the search box you will find quite an interesting piece about your topic. Also a map showing the location. Good Luck.
  5. Violet for Violet

    R.I.P little girl, may god comfort you.
  6. Sherdley Park

    What's all this got to do with Sherdley Park
  7. Sherdley Park

    Just been for a walk around Sherdley Park, all the animals and birds have gone from the pets corner. I wonder what next?
  8. Is this safe?

    Definitely not safe! I hope someone who can do something about it has seen your photographs.
  9. Brown Edge Pub,Nutgrove

    hi, Brian, I think the name comes from the place. That little area of Nutgrove is referred to on the old maps as Brown Hedge. I think the name derives from a hedge of trees that the leaves were brown in winter (deciduous?).
  10. Escape to the Country

    Worked (?) at Lathom for a few years, enjoyed walking round the fields and visiting the local pubs. Still enjoy walking down the canal bank. Great pictures Robbob, well done.
  11. Free Geneology Software

    Hi Strollby, I used to do my F.T.'s long hand but finished up with reams of paper which the wife threatened to set fire to if I didn't get rid of it. Now I use an external disc and find it a lot easier and far less of a verbal conflict.
  12. Portraits

    Great photo's Robbob -- keep them coming.
  13. Ravenhead Glass

    Hi Kizzy, I think I remember you, I worked in the drawing office and worked on the installation of most of the equipment at Ravenhead.
  14. Ravenhead Glass

    Hi Alan, I think it closed in the 1970's, most of the equipment was shipped out to China and set up there. An old pal (along with others) went out there and helped set the machinery up.
  15. The Plug, Carr Mill

    Ah! Happy Valley, spent many a happy hour there with my jam butties and bottle of water. Sliding down the slope and slipping down the water. On Sunday afternoons it was packed with people.