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  1. Hi Underdog, the consensus is censuses. Hi jv20, the photograph was a copy of a postcard which was unfortunately undated and had neither the photographer's or printer's name to give a clue to its age. My best guess would be ca 1905 and there are very few earlier Prescot postcards..
  2. "DON'T TELL HIM PIKE !" Area of Pex Hill Quarry where the Home Guard carried out firing practice during WW2.
  3. [/url] Octagon shaped house in the 'Old Carrs'.
  4. Great photographs...and fish and chips!
  5. Thumpa Lumpa, I have a vague recollection of a viewing window in the wall of the 10ft diving pool but can't be was a long time ago. Ratty, that's correct. The 3 pools, diving, learners, and main pool were surrounded on 2 levels by single door changing cubicles. There were also rails completely surrounding the pools barring entrance except, as you recall, for a gap in the rails at the opposite side of the 'baths' from the entrance door, where a few steps upwards led to the pools...diving R, learners L, and forward for the main pool which had steps into the water at each corner and an opposite pair in the middle. (I can smell the chlorine)
  6. Went to Lister Drive baths a couple of times way back when you would see Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John down there.
  7. Thanks Le200.
  8. Some great bokeh!
  9. Thank Heaven you've located the baby Jesus, Rob...and a great idea of your's to follow Venus. See you at Crib-side in the Library tomorrow, the 6th; you bring the Gold, and I'll bring the Frankincense. :-)
  10. Venus, 'Star' of Bethlehem, 6:00pm, New Year's Day. Still following 'Yonder Star', 6:00pm 02.01.17
  11. But that was 30 years ago...:-)
  12. Kizzy, her name is Lola...:-)
  13. ....and then when you get out of jail The Caped Crusader from Gotham City will pay you a visit.
  14. I found this pipistrelle late one night on my balcony, there's a roost under a nearby pack-horse bridge, and though I couldn't see any obvious injuries it couldn't fly so I made it comfortable in a shoebox in the corner of the balcony for the night. Next morning I found it had somehow managed to to reach the top of an upturned squeegee mop and seemed comfortable just hanging there. I kept it hydrated for a couple of days but as it had made no attempt to fly I rang the R.S.P.C.A. who gave me a Bat-Helpline. They asked my location, what time I would be available for the pipistrelle to be collected, and a young lady arrived at the arranged time, telling me she was just one of a number of bat conservation volunteers in the area. A week later a Bat Sanctuary rang me to say that the pipistrelle was recovering well and would I like to choose a name for her!