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  1. saints 20 leeds 28

    Perhaps, or he gets That Ginger beer free.
  2. saints 20 leeds 28

    Too many mistakes on the nite, ball dropped too many times. Defensively we are very strong but the glaring weakness is against handling Kicks - that will have to be worked on. Leeds were very well drilled and followed their match plan well. First two tries gifted to them by Childs. ...........he let a lot go, particularly off sides which meant that the Leeds players were on the saints player immediately after the ball was played. Oh and it was bastering freezing in the ground And yes Lomax needs "resting" ...............Dropped if you ask me.
  3. Saints 34 Salford 2

    Yes Joe it did remind me of the Wigan tactics.
  4. Saints 34 Salford 2

    The mighty Saints roll on...........Warrington Crushed, despite a hardy effort................It was a tough game but some great try's scored. Saints have not yet really clicked and there is definitely another gear in the box ......once the pitches firm up then this will help us. Now lets see if Wakefield can keep the pressure on us by dispatching the Pies. Going for my Leeds Tickets Tomorrow.
  5. Went to the cinema last night and watched a film called Three Billboards out side of Lower Ince, Wigan!

    1. Big_Jeff_Leo


      It won a couple of well deserved Oscars.

    2. Robbob2010


      Why go to Wigan when there's Billboards all around St.Helens :)


  6. It is likely two different people Boris.......... the F A G Benyon that was buried in 1923 was only 3 years of age so he was not even born in 1918. You would think that this would be quite a unique name but it is not there is an older person with the same name in St.Helens.
  7. Keeping warm by drinking Taylors Port and eating fancy Cheddar!

  8. Hello Boris can you provide his full name, DOB, and anything else like his wife's name or M+F?
  9. "There but not there" centenary remembrance.

    It is a very interesting idea. The only point I would make about it is who would fund it and how would the selection be made? We have now catalogued almost everyone from the Great War on the http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/home and I personally could easily draw up 20 or 30 examples of men with interesting or poignant stories but at the end of the day that would only be my selection, how do we discount all of the others?. Any "selection" would be controversial!!
  10. 1876 Birth

    If the damned Library was open I could check the electoral register for that address in Church Street. That would give us an idea of who was the householder and the dates from which they lived there. added 10 minutes later He is not buried or Cremated in St.Helens Cemetery either.
  11. Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    He is the Marriage Bans for James Chadwick and Jane Sharples.............. note James fathers name.
  12. 1876 Birth

    Hi Margie, For Married parents, Either parent can register the birth on their own. They can include both parents’ details if they were married when the baby was born or conceived.
  13. Mental Health in St Helens

    Phil, being able to talk about it like you is a giant step...... And a very positive one in itself That alone demonstrates strength Take some small measure of comfort from that
  14. Geff Pimblett died aged 73

    Very sad, he did so much for ex-players and was so well respected. http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/16033751.Tributes_to_former_Saints_player_Geoff_Pimblett_who_has_died_aged_73/