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  1. If anyone deserves a statue in the town for their achievements then it must be Geoff Duke.
  2. It was a tremendous atmosphere in the ground......................when that last try was scored the place absolutely erupted was one of them sweet moments made even sweeter given the mistakes we made and the weak game by Bentham.
  3. Kind of Ironic eh!..............Designer Clearance is Clearing out of town!
  4. That's why he is on here Alan. Anyways congratulations to Cas on an outstanding display of both attacking and defensive Rugby.
  5. Yes AWAY and a much closer result 22-14.
  6. How did Wigan get on Joe...................I heard that they where at home at the football stadium playing against a team of relative superleague newcomers? Surely they would be looking to bounce back after the Castleford Mauling?
  7. Any initial thoughts:-
  8. They would be down if they took an absolute pasting like Wigan did, I doubt it will ever get that bad
  9. That was a close result.....saints have never had a hammering like that in the Superleague era as far as I must be distraught Joe!
  10. You can dress it up however you like was a hammering, a complete embarrassment, total crushing humiliation, and the gorilla said that injuries had nothing to with it.
  11. Still defending the indefensible Joe..................Very Sad, all of Rugby (apart from the daft) was appalled
  12. Could be....can anyone identify the car? Might not help though if it is a 60's model!.
  13. Perhaps they have.......... I still thought that Matty Smith was playing for Wigan yesterday!.