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  1. will it be down to points difference on the 4th place?

    Cannot see it Alan. Salford have nothing to play for.................unless they want to be party poopers.
  2. will it be down to points difference on the 4th place?

    Great result for Saints today........ Wigan well beaten by the mighty Cas.
  3. will it be down to points difference on the 4th place?

    Wane was spotted last week sculking around Warrington......this was just after the Tony Smith anouncement.
  4. RIP Ronnie Hoofe

    Sadly Ronnie pasted away earlier today...... If you don't know he is is then listen to this:-
  5. Saints' last-gasp win last night at Belle Vue

    Heart attack time Alan...........but very exciting
  6. Here is the link........... Give it a go. https://www.cwgc.org/
  7. It is the Ref who decides if it is a deliberate or accidental forward pass ....it is therefore open to their interpretation. The guidance for refs says that a forward pass in a passing movement is invariably caused by misjudgment and is rarely a deliberate offence. Play is restarted with a scrum after an accidental infringement. This is why you do not see many penalties for forward passes.
  8. Indeed, entertaining until the very last moment!
  9. A very Toughly contested Game, but played in a good spirit I thought. Never thought that it would be a high scorer as two strong defences would Clash. Hulls Kicking game and field play were far superior to Wigan's.....particularly from this man who was outstanding again.
  10. Any ideas who this is?

    Does he have a brother Rob called Jeff Mills?
  11. Any ideas who this is?

    Aye yes was he on the door at the Savoy?
  12. Any ideas who this is?

    Was he a copper Robster?
  13. It was unbelieveable!

    Great Alan..........glad you enjoyed it!
  14. It was unbelieveable!

    Here it is!!!!!!