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  1. Lewis Hamilton

    Footnote..................... and pay some more Taxes!
  2. TONKS

    To find out the exact address you will need to go down to the Main Library and check the electoral register. It will not take long to do.
  3. Vegan Restaurant on Corporation St Opens.

    Being a Vegan is unnatural for the Human body..............but everyone to their own I say!.
  4. New Zealand rugby league

    A Sad low...........leaves the door fully open now for Australia.
  5. Bird Photography in Rainford

    I must admit that Owl looks real Robster, did you use a ladder to get it up there?
  6. St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    It is possible, 1925 is of course beyond the cut off date but his death could have been hastened due to war injuries or complications thereof. Within that same grave are:- Do any of these people ring a bell Tony? Surname Forename Type Event Date Location Number Kelly James B 21/12/1925 St Helens Cemetery 68394 Kelly Winifred B 23/01/1926 St Helens Cemetery 68496 Gallagher Betsy B 04/02/1933 St Helens Cemetery 76390
  7. St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    The trouble is you might not get anywhere near the Cenotaph Ste.
  8. St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    Indeed Ste, massive turnout............ imagine next year for the 100th and the end of the War! added 52 minutes later A few More..........
  9. Rainhill Remembers

    Yes Ratty Artyfarty is heavily involved.
  10. Lewis Hamilton

    A great achievement, I hope that he can go on to further glory and overtake the Kraut!
  11. The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Correct Hort ............the grave of Second Lieutenant John Stead, located just to the left of the main entrance. http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/casualty-3110-John_Stead.html
  12. Convicts 18 England 4

    Did anyone watch Samoa v New Zealand?............... Brutal, no love lost there.........Crunch Time, but very entertaining.
  13. Convicts 18 England 4

    The first 12 Minutes were excellent from attack to defence...................the Score line does not do the overall performance justice.
  14. VOLL dies today aged 82

    392 Tries in 409 Games
  15. joe 90(6) changing allegiance?

    Sure he was not wearing this non sibi sed omnibus