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  1. St.Helens B.R.S.

    the BRS depot was formerly marshalls haulage i think. it was their when i went to knowsley rd school ine late 40's ans early 50's
  2. St.Helens B.R.S.

    if i recall years ago a haulage compy had a yard on the corner of hard lane and abbey rd. cannot recall the name but have seen mention of it by drivers, on here in the past
  3. Tontine Street, Windle

    the robin hood pub was in the area around tontine st and the outdoor market. i recall retired police man inspector kidd taking over as landlord in the 50's
  4. Classic Cars at Mansion House

    superb pics once again robbo. seeing these classics brought back many memories of seeing them on the road in years gone by
  5. Things you don't see anymore

    used to be a common site,alas not anymore dont know anyone who still wears them
  6. The Windle Pub,Hard Lane.

    lovely pics rob brought back memories as i work for winstantley rainford on the buiding of the windle around 158/59 it was built on the site of the Cabbage Hall farm next to what was at the time ashalls ford dealers
  7. Things you don't see anymore

    many boys wearing short pants to school.i recall at central modern boys wearing them. if fact a mate of mine didn't get long trousers till he left school and was starting work
  8. Kirkland St

    i have looked back on the kirkland st pages with interest . i had commented on various pages in the past under my name alan gray and also as runnerbeen. now under the name king kenny,various reasons for name changes. so many memories came back and felt i could comment again but some of the threads were ten years ago
  9. Kirkland St

    i to have memories of kirkland st living as i did in clyde st ,beyween kirkland st and peter st. i recall carruthers and magee tea merchants in kirkland st and their property ran up clyde st to the entry . on the opposite corner was ormrods shop,newspapers ,firewood bread,milk etc taberns haulage people lived on the other corner and the fourth corner was a private house , a family named waise(no sure of the spelling) such happy memories
  10. Things you don't see anymore

    i recall travelling home to penzance on it a few years ago after running a marathon. must be honest never slept a wink.
  11. Around St.Helens

    blame i t on the greedy goverment , to much tax wanting more and more to waste on wasteful schemes
  12. Things you don't see anymore

    you still see sleeper trains down to penzance. paddington to penzance
  13. Things you don't see anymore

    their is a gents barbers on lord st southport that sell blades along with the razors and shaving brushes etc. very expensive though
  14. York Street infants school

    i recall a friend of my mother who lived in york place, her name was maru grailey.(not sure of the spelling) they worked together at forster in atlas st on munitions
  15. Things you don't see anymore

    lads with their hair cut close to the scalp and daubed with a purple oitment to treat ring worm