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  1. Littler's Field

    Mrs Littler's Field mentioned in Wigan Observer 15 June 1877 but of little help - merely says Dentons Green
  2. William Livesey Death

    Hi, Possibility for death of Ellen. Ellen Livesy Q1 1848 Prescot. Vol 20 page 828
  3. which John Frodsham

    Ron, Electoral Rolls indicate a William E Frodsham living at 27 Charles St St Helens up to 2005. No age guide given but had lived there for 11 years. Nobody else living at this address.Similarly there is an entry for Angeline Frodsham living in a Nursing Home in Liverpool 2002 and 2003 but again no age guide given. Unable to find a marriage for William or a death for Angeline.
  4. which John Frodsham

    Hi This is them on 1939 register John Frodsham dob 29 Jan 1888 Labourer Watchman at Glass Works also ARP at glass works Mary E Frodsham dob 30 June 1891 housewife Mary E Frodsham dob 19 June 1919 Single Domestic Servant later married to a Smith Eliza Frodsham dob 21 Jan 1923 Single Cutter Glass Making later married to a Johnson Elizabeth Frodsham dob 3 Dec 1924 Transport Clerk Glass Making later married to an Atherton William Frodsham dob 5 Dec 1926 scholar James Frodsham dob 10 Aug 1928 scholar One redacted child Living 16 Lincoln Crescent St Helens
  5. Queen in St Helens.

    Could well be wrong but I think they stayed at Lord Derby - I remember waiting outside ELE school on St Helens Road when they were driven past
  6. "Young Jingler"?

    Been looking at children of William Leadbetter & Jane Stott. William b 1868 and Richard 1870. In 1911 Census Richard is 41 and living with wife Maria 46 - looking at the photo again I wonder if the 3 paople are Ellen, Richard and his wife Maria. The photographer may be Old Jingler
  7. "Young Jingler"?

    Hi Underdog According to 1911 census William aged 62 - the man in the photo looks much younger to me - I wonder if it was taken much earlier than c 1910
  8. Our friend Le200 has died

    Very sad to hear such news. Never met Chris but we conversed many times on St Helens Roll of Honour. My sincere condolences to his family
  9. Whitehead/smiths of parr

    Moss House Farm is mentioned in the 1939 register - occupants are Joseph, Samuel and Mary Glassey. You can see this under genealogy 1939 Register on Connect
  10. "Old Jingler" Carrs cottage.

    I cannot find a Richard Leadbetter living in the Old Carrs on either Census but William Leadbetter is listed at that address on both censuses.
  11. Sefton Fold Drive is located in Billinge - postcode WN5 7PR
  12. James Cross

    I wonder if this is the same James & Elizabeth Cross whose children whose children Jane 1792, William 1794, Elizabeth 1798 and Robert 1806 were baptized at Prescot St Mary. All these children are listed in a Family Tree on genesreunited - do you want me to make contact with the tree owner Richard Palin ?
  13. non conformist records lost

    Hi, You may already have this info. There is evidence on FMP which indicates a marriage between a Daniel Kinder and Ann Newton 28 July 1772 at Motttram in Longdendale. Also a marriage between a Daniel Kinder and Faith Hutloff 6 Nov 1797 same place. There is a death for a Daniel Kinder buried 29 April 1822 aged 72 at St Micheal and All Angels Mottram in Longdendale
  14. This may be of help ? Assuming that the granddaughter Mary had her birth registered in Prescot which at that time was the Registration District for St Helens According to 1851 census she was 8 so either born 1843 or 1842 if her birthday was after the census date, There are just 3 Mary Birchall listed on the GRO for 1842/3 reg in Prescot. 1 Mary Birchall req Q4 1842 Prescot mothers maiden name Cross.2 Mary Birchall also reg Q4 1842 mothers maiden name Taylor and 3 Mary Birchall reg Q2 1843 mothers maiden name not given - illegitimate ? There is a baptism for a Mary Birchill (sic) child of Mary Birchill baptised 25 June 1843 at Prescot St Mary - abode Prescot
  15. Duffy family holly bank street

    The John Duffy reg Q4 1884 West Derby - mother's maiden name given as Westhead on GRO index