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  1. I remember Geoff very well he used to live in Graham St, he and his mam and dad went living up Haydock,never seen him for years brilliant guitarist
  2. I know Moira very well and I worked with her brother Bob I think (Moxer) John Bracken was her older brother.
  3. And the kids in the Forties and Fifties as well.
  4. Hello swimmer I knew your uncle Horace I lived in Blackstone when he and his wife Ann moved in just across the road what a bloke he was I have good memories of him and of Tommy (didn't need a road map when they were around) Regards.
  5. I lived in Blackstone Ave facing the the lawn moved there Late spring 1954 lived there till 1974 had to move the floors started to rise we thought it wouldn't happen to us being there so long but like hundreds of others before us we had to go it was great living there. only one or two of the originals still live there.
  6. I worked with Derek Sephton and his younger brother Joe he was my second man on the bag wagons Derek was a H G V driver he worked at Cidac for a lot of years.
  7. Been Talking In the Primrose Vault tonight how times have have changed i must be getting on nobody can remember the Cephos Bridge, help any photo's out there
  8. Yes it is a Smith of Madiston Big J on the A74 at Gretna Green.