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  1. Thanks again Ned, I will have a look into these names & dates. Steve Kirby
  2. Thanks very much Stephen Nulty for your help & link, I had no actual burial date info, just his death certificate, as I checked on Lancashire OLPC as well but no mention of a burial date there, I will look into this further. Thanks again Steve Kirby. added 11 minutes later Thanks very much Ned, that would be great if he is the right Albert Job Kirby/Albert Kirby, I have no info on baby John Richard in my research, maybe I have missed this birth, another route to go down, his father was John Kirby who died 3 years after Albert, both of them were Water Works Inspectors at the Liverpool Corporation Water Works at Prescot/Eccleston. That would be great if you could find the photo, at least the New Section gives me an idea where to start looking. Thanks again Steve Kirby
  3. I'm trying to find if the burial plot still exists for my Great Grandfather Albert Job Kirby, died 14th August 1911 aged 30 years, Inscription may read as Albert Kirby the same as his death certificate. I have found the plot for my other Great Grandfather Thomas Edward Healey on Section 4. Does anybody know if Sections/plots were allocated all around the same decade, century to a specific section or were the families given a choice ? Does anybody also know of any contacts that I could get in touch with for tips regarding my search ? Thanks for your help, time and interests. Steve Kirby.
  4. St Mary Church Graveyard

    Thanks for your help Stephen, as long as I keep bearing slight right, hopefully I should find Thomas Edward Healey's grave, have to take my butties and flask, me thinks it could be a long day.
  5. St Mary Church Graveyard

    Thanks very much Ned, I will take a wander down to the cemetery to see if I can find the grave in the next week and let you know if I manage to find it. I have sent copies of deed and invoice as jpg attachments to your email address.
  6. St Mary Church Graveyard

    Hello Ned, Thanks for your efforts to preserve the history of Prescot Cemetery, I have the deeds for my Great Grandfather Thomas Edward Healey's Grave in Section 4, Grave number 99, paid for by his Widow Elizabeth Ann Healey dated 17th May 1930. Do you or anybody else reading this have any ideas where Section 4 is ?, Is it worth me contacting Knowsley Council for further info ? I can send you copies of the deed and the invoice as jpeg attachments to help with your database and plan developments, just let me know where to send them. Thanks again Ned Steve.
  7. Parr St Peter's graveyards.

    Thanks very much Le200 for your time and effort in searching for the grave details of my, Great Grandfather/Mother Robert & Jane Bainbridge, my mams Gran and Grandfather, and my Great Uncle/Aunt Richard Norman & Jane Bainbridge, my mams Uncle and Aunt, I will try and get to St.Peters next week through the day to see if I can find the graves and then bring my mam, as she is coming up to 82 and is a bit unsteady on her feet, so it would be easier to take her direct to the graves rather than search with her, she has been wondering for a few years where the graves are so hopefully her wish can be granted. Many thanks Steve.
  8. Parr St Peter's graveyards.

    I'm also looking for the graves of IN LOVING MEMORY OF WALTER The Beloved son of Robert & Jane Bainbridge Who died 27 April 1913 Aged 8 months IN LOVING MEMORY OF ROBERT, The beloved son of Robert & Jane Bainbridge. Who died June 9th, 1913. Aged 3 Years. Interred at St. Peter's Church, Parr, June l4th. IN LOVING MEMORY OF WILLIAM BAINBRIDGE Who departed this life Mar. 1, Aged 6 Years, Interred at St. Peter's Church, Parr, March 6th, 1919, Robert Bainbridge Beloved Husband of Jane Bainbridge Who Died 21st December 1943 Aged 76 Years Jane Bainbridge Beloved Wife of Robert Bainbridge Who died 5th April 1949 Aged 75 Years Richard Norman Bainbridge Beloved Husband of Jane & Eunice Who died 25th January 1979 Aged 80 Years Lena Bainbridge Beloved daughter of Robert & Jane Who Died 2nd October 1983 Aged 79 Years I'm Hoping that Richard Norman Bainbridge is shown in the same grave as Jane Bainbridge who died December 1939 mentioned in the previous post dated 7th November 2015, Thanks.
  9. Parr St Peter's graveyards.

    Hello, could you please help me find the grave for Jane Bainbridge, died December 25th-29th 1939, beloved wife of Richard Norman Bainbridge, I have tried looking myself but could not find it, as far as I know the grave is behind the church, thanks for your time. Regards Steve.